Benjamin Mira

Rockstar Video Editor

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Oct 07, 2022


We are hiring a full-time, permanent, rockstar video editor. We only hire and work with absolute killers! This is not a freelance position. This is a long-term job position with amazing benefits and flexibility.

*We’ve already successfully hired multiple Filipino workers and are familiar with the process, Philippine culture, and methods of successful overseas communication
*Reliable salary - paid twice per month
*As much time off as you want - holidays, birthdays, vacation, it doesn’t matter to us
*13th month after 6-months
*Christmas bonus
*Raises every year
*Work for an established business that is positioned well to continue growing in the coming recession
*We’re really nice

*Expert video editing - all kids of video (YouTube, YT Shorts, FB/Insta/LI/TikTok, Google My Business, long-form, educational, entertainment, music videos, funnel videos, subtitles, sound fx, we will keep you busy). Must understand the differences in editing between different platforms (i.e. video dimensions / length / etc. between posting platforms)
*Use the full depth of your skill and creativity
*Risk-taker - be unafraid to try new things
*The work must be done on time, every time - holidays, birthdays, vacation, it doesn’t matter to us. Our clients rely on us to meet deadlines that we commit Upgrade to see actual info exceptions. Obviously, emergencies happen and we will make room for such occurrences. But our clients must be able to rely on us, and we must be able to rely on you
*Be a problem solver, not someone who asks for permission and direction on everything
*Don’t disappear on us - if you mess up, we will not bite or be angry. Getting angry is for stupid people. We are approachable and will provide you everything needed to get the job done. We require professionalism, but not perfection.
*Must give 1-month notice before time-off is taken unless you are sick or an emergency occurs
*Has a lot of fun
*Pays attention to how different industries are using video to market to their audiences
*Fill out a daily report
*Takes orders well
*Is teachable and patient but works with efficiency and urgency, a true professional
*The purpose of video for us is to SELL PRODUCTS, GOODS AND SERVICES for our clients
*Great spoken and written English
*Great communication
*Highly organized
*Must be okay with curse words and mature subject matter (marriage, sexuality, politics, crude humor, political banter that you won’t agree with, etc.)

How To Apply:
This is not a job for someone who is inexperienced. Rather, we are looking for a veteran with existing tools to make videos that can immediately and significantly contribute to selling products and services for our clients. If this job opportunity sounds like a great fit for you and you are confident in your video editing abilities, please:

*Send links of your portfolio
*Record a video in spoken English introducing yourself, showing me your workspace, tell me about your go-to tools, what interface you use, your relevant work experience, and what your strengths are. Also, include links to your portfolio showcasing the extent of your work. Your video introduction should not last longer than 5-minutes.
*Send everything to: Upgrade to see actual info

If you are selected for the next phase of this interview process, we will let you know.

Thank you and best of luck!

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