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Full Time


1,500 - 2,500 / mo




Oct 07, 2022


Hey Programming Rockstar - thank you for your interest in this position!

We are a web development company in need of someone that is talented and skilled in PHP - specifically in programming Wordpress Plugins and complex Wordpress Upgrade to see actual infoTE: This position is for programming and developing - not managing a WP site, installing plugins, or basic code in Upgrade to see actual infop


Your position would consist of:
Working with myself and our team to maintain the current codebase of custom code as well as design and develop new code for the website's use.

Specific skills that would be needed:
1) Understanding of PHP
2) Understanding and experience creating plugins for Wordpress
3) Being able to take "pseudo" code and project ideas and implementing them into Proof of Concepts and ultimately production ready code.
4) Using git (Gitlab specifically) for version control

Nice bonus skills that would put you on the top of applicants:
1) Experience with Wordpress's API
2) Knowledge of ReactJS and how React and Wordpress work together
3) Laravel knowledge or some experience using it

This is a full-time, long-term position with promotion and advancement opportunities.

If you love coding, problem solving, and working with a close and fun group of people then definitely Upgrade to see actual info your application make sure to include:
1) A website you worked on that you are most proud of and the contributions you made to it.
2) Your Github profile (if you have one)
3) A sample of code that you developed - either a full plugin that can be installed or just the code itself
4) Your preferred work schedule (day or night)
5) Your favorite food and why

Definitely look forward to hearing from you!

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