Video Content Creator/Editor

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Full Time


Starting $3.75 USD/hr - $660 USD/Month, Php 35,000




Aug 02, 2022


Content Creator
No & Low is building our content team! It might just be you who were looking for. We are No & Low Inc. an independently owned start up by brothers Max & Lou, we are all about NON ALCOHOLIC quality drinks like cocktails, aperitifs, wines, beers, and so many amazing options that we sell DTC. We are aware that not to many people are aware QUALITY non alcoholic drinks even exist, so we need to scream at the top of our lungs on every social media platform to make everyone aware! This is where your role comes in, we need help making, editing, and posting content on all relevant social Upgrade to see actual infoeck out our TikTok Upgrade to see actual info to get feel for our Vibe and if your down

Full Time Position, 8 hours per day, 5 days per week

To apply email us with "Content Creator" in subject line, attach your resume and at least three of your finished video content for us to review.

Creator Qualities:

Has displayed passion for creating content on wide variety of social media platforms
Really good at video/photo/writing editing
Some video/design education or professional experience
Dedicated, accountable, crazy passionate about their work, and down to collaborate in a team
Familiar with all major social media platforms creator formats - TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, Pintrest, Adobe, Canva

Stuff you gotta get done:

Be really good at turning raw video, photo, audio, and written content into tons of quality content geared for each major social platform and posting them to let them roam free into the world...
Finished products will be an array of podcasts, long/short form vids, still pics, blogs, etc.
Really using your amazing design, editing, writing, and sound skills to make all this content so good people want to consume it!
Collab with Max & Lou to muster up the best ideas we can for content strategies

Graphics & Multimedia
Video Editing Graphics Editing Recording Audio
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