Paid Digital Specialist - Google Ads + Facebook Business Manager

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Full Time


Php 60,000 - Php 100,000




Jul 22, 2022


We're on the hunt for a Google, Facebook & LinkedIn paid specialist superstar.

Firstly, let's have a quick chat about our company.


Hi There! Thanks for seeing our job ad and checking us out we're a digital agency, with a difference. Before we get into the serious stuff, we wanted to introduce ourselves. Here are some points that may help you understand us a little bit better.

1. At OP Digital Solutions we use ‘we’ instead of 'I' after all, teamwork makes the dream work!
2. We have a no ‘idiot policy' with our clients, they're all great! However, if you ever feel like someone has been rude, racist, discriminatory, sexist or made you feel uncomfortable, please bring it to our attention. You won't be responsible for the next steps, we'll take care of that.
3. We place good people ahead of prior roles and skills. Naturally, experience is great, and we appreciate that, but we also understand that someone is highly unlikely to be well versed in all the elements we would ideally like. So, don't rule yourself out if you're one or two points shy of the suggested Upgrade to see actual infow that we've got that out of the way, let's dive into desirable duties and experience!

- You're truly experienced in Google Ads, and Facebook Business Manager.
- You're addicted to social media. Weird requirement, we know. But, you're going to be on it a lot, so we want you to stay up-to-date with trends and enjoy what you do at work!
- You're creative. You're going to be doing copywriting for some of the Google and Social Ads, so you'll need to be capable of writing catchy and captivating ads.
- At OP Digital Solutions, we value good people and a willingness to learn.
- You'll need to demonstrate pretty impressive organisational skills within this role, as many client accounts require calendars, reporting, and deadline dates.
- An ability to produce significant ROI and ROAS for our clients, who come from a wide range of industries.
- You're looking to make a career move and to work for OP Digital Solutions for the foreseeable future.
- As our HQ is located in Melbourne Australia, you will be required to work from 8am - 4pm PH time.
- As a remote worker, you must be comfortable with screen monitoring, we use HiveDesk, this is Upgrade to see actual infow, with all of this out of the way, who's excited to work with an award-winning company that treats its employees like family?

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