Virtual Assistant for Social Media ( esp. YouTube)

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Full Time


CHF 250




Aug 16, 2022


We are looking for a smart and energetic Virtual Assistant for social media who can perform following simple tasks esp. for YouTube channel videos:

* Idea Generation, keyword research, creating scripts, voice overs, titles, tags, descriptions, scheduling, uploading contents on social media esp. YouTube.
* You must have very good ability to read, write, and speak in English.
* Those with good background and experience in Social Media Management and tasks mentioned above will be preferred for this role.
* Candidates with Customer Service experience combined with impeccable English are also welcome.

For Example -
Your job will be to grab the Transcript from a YouTube video (we’ll show you how) and put it into a paraphrasing software (which you’ll get access to). Many a times, you will also have to read off the script using your voice and record it.

So, a good voice with a neutral accent will have an edge. A good sounding microphone will also be a plus. You'll also have an advantage over other applicants if you are with ID Proof > 70, Verified and Timeproof ready.

You’ll be working full-time exclusively in this role and can work the 8-hour shift, 5 days per week in your time zone.

Starting pay for this position is 250 CHF (approx. $260) per month with the opportunity to move up in the future. Your commitment to your work, long-term mindset and good performance will have great chances to earn raises and bonuses.

If this sounds like something you can do, please record a voice over (sample script given below) and send it along with your resume while mentioning [[ I am your sincere VA (YOUR NAME) ]] in the subject line.

Thank you!
Arvind Achal for LCJ (Europe).
Sample script to read:
In this video, I am going to tell you a little story.

The time was around 5:30 on a cold December evening in the year 1914. The place was West Orange, New Jersey. A loud explosion was heard and before long, more than half of a huge industrial plant was up in flames. The fire was finally put out after a lot of struggle but not until it had consumed years of hard work, priceless records and prototypes which were there.

My friends, how do you think the owner of the plant would have reacted? He started yelling ‘why me God?’ He got angry and even hysterical.

Honestly speaking, he didn’t do anything like that. Rather, this old gentleman, calmly walked over to his son and told him, "Go get your mother and all her friends. They'll never see a fire like this again." When the son looked bemused and hesitated, the father said, "It's all right. We've just got rid of a lot of rubbish."

I hope you enjoyed the story. If you did, be sure to like and subscribe.

Thank you for watching, and we'll see you in the next one!

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