Do you have great Wordpress skills?

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Jan 10, 2023


Do you excel at a certain Wordpress task?

Can you create a step by step guide for anyone who wants to do what you do? is looking for SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) guides on hundreds of different topics for VAs. If you can make one, we want to buy the guide from you. These guides will be sold to employers for the employer to give to their hired VAs.

We want the submissions to be a long-term guide on how you do it, so it has to be more specific. We don't want it to be a general best practice, plus here are explanations. We just want it to be a blow by blow, follow these steps that are common tasks with goals and Upgrade to see actual info should be designed so that when a VA reads it, they can do something right away.

All training should be in English.

To apply please answer the following:

1. Tell me your credentials with Wordpress.
2. Tell me what specific processes or processes you're great at with Wordpress.
3. Provide a basic outline for the guide you would Upgrade to see actual info doesn’t need to be comprehensive.

Sample Titles:
a] How To (Insert a process in relation to Wordpress)
b] If (Insert a usual problem in relation to Wordpress), then (Insert the solution to the problem in relation to Wordpress)

- Goals
- Requirements
- Execution
Step 1: Insert Steps here
Step 2: Insert Steps here
Step 3: Insert Steps here
(add more steps if necessary)
- Results

4. Tell us how much is your expected price for your proposed guide.

Use the subject: I'm great at (your skill) Wordpress tasks & send via the normal application process on OnlineJobs.

PS. You will be working with me, John, the creator of

NOTE: If you have other skills not related to Wordpress, you can also visit Upgrade to see actual info/sop

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