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Sep 21, 2022


Job Title: Financial Analyst
Line Manager: COO / CEO


We are managing Amazon Brand and we sell on various online channel in Canada and US with the vision to become an international brand. We also diversify our operation from eCommerce to Wholesale.

This Financial Analyst will be responsible for providing support through forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and analysis of the eCommerce business Upgrade to see actual infoside of FP&A and Finance, this position connects with many members and is relied on to enable business decisions. We are looking for an individual to be a trusted business partner to our eCommerce Channel leaders, including working collaboratively to evaluate customer programs, promotions, return-on-investment, and other analysis. This position provides creative independent work and includes significant involvement within dynamic cross-functional team settings.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Provide the following financial support:
-Inventory value of each product every end of the month
-Make an updated cash flow reflecting real time payment from suppliers, what needs to pay
-Profit & Loss Analysis
-Create & help in structuring the wholesale pricing strategy and process
-Make suggestion of the current and ongoing process created
-Analyze & suggest on how to decrease the ship pro solution invoice
-Provide few examples of wholesale, Evoletsgame & eBay sales & confirm the ration & profitability
-Structure invoice process to client like Gemex
-Help & assist in invoicing client in US using QuickBooks or Pipedrive
2. Develop and implement strategies around cash flow forecasting and preparing budgets
3. Financial Forecasting - Be able to manage the end of month with all the report Statement/Profit and Lost
4. Inventory management to ensure products are in-stock and we have appropriate levels of safety stock
5. Monitor financial progress using web analytic tools and provide KPI reports to leadership team
6. Incorporate optimization strategies, analyze data, and research the best ways to increase profitability
7. Monitor COGS and update with new input costs based on shipping, tariffs, and other various changing costs
8. Assist in the preparation of financial plans, monthly forecast and financial reporting
9. Preparing month end journal entries and accruals as well as investigate general ledger entries to ensure proper coding
10. Provide monthly budget/forecast to actual variance analysis and commentary
11. Assist in the monthly capital expenditure forecast
12. Analyze the e-Commerce P&L to identify opportunities to reduce expenses and increase profitability
13. Work with the marketing department to analyze monthly digital marketing spend by category and calculate ROI
14. Partner with accounting department / sales audit to manage fraud review process
15. Assist in leading monthly meetings with the CEO / COO to provide insights on eCommerce sales and expenses with comparison to prior year and forecast
16. Lead monthly meetings with the CEO of eCommerce and the eCommerce Senior Leadership team to report out on eCommerce sales and expenses with in-depth analysis
Upgrade to see actual inform eCommerce business associates of financial analysis results and/or recommendations
18. Keep management educated on new or changing customer programs or incentives and financial impact
19. Create ad hoc analysis to investigate variances and support sales and marketing requests
20. Prepare and analyze standard monthly financial reports for Finance and other departments while improving the financial reporting process
21. Be a catalyst of change, collaborating with FP&A, eCommerce, and other cross-functional teams to maintain and improve strategies across the business
22. Provide financial analysis and support for New Product Development teams, which would help you build a network with cross-functional teams and gain a deep understanding of our products

1. BS Degree in Accounting or Finance
2. Experience of 3+ or more in the relevant role
3. Excellent verbal and written communication skills with an ability to read, analyze, and summarize articles, reports, etc.
4. Excellent navigation of Microsoft Excel, reading financial statements, updating projections, using advance formulas/tools
5. Analytical & Time-Management Skills with an understanding of factors that affect company’s financial performance
6. Exemplary work ethic, with ability to learn new analytical skills quickly and initiative to pursue solutions independently when needed
7. Highly organized, detail-oriented, & proactive

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