Researcher with GREAT Attention to Detail Wanted: Paid Holidays + Raises

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Jul 01, 2022


Hello, we are looking for someone to join our team to help us with a link-building / outreach process.

Prior experience is not needed, even preferred.

We are looking for 2 key skills: great attention to detail (researcher's mind) + the ability to write in simple, conversational English (you will need to write emails to editors/website owners).

We will hire several people for this role so don't disqualify yourself if you're not good with writing.

Here are some of the potential tasks that you'll end up actually doing (we will provide training for it all):
- We have a list of sites that we want to write for. Your task would be to identify key topics different sites are writing about to help figure out the angle of a guest article to pitch.
- Then you would need to find the right editor, right person, and right email to pitch the guest article to. (this includes some site research and Linkedin research).
- If you're good at writing - then you would also be the one to send semi-personalized pitch emails to these site owners or editors as our goal is to get published on those sites. You'll need to use either the male or female persona that we will provide.
- Finally, we have a separate path/training process for reverse engineer competitor backlink link building --> this would involve using Ahrefs SEO tool to find good links that our competitors have, that we don't. After identifying these opportunities, the next would be to again find site-owners right email and outreach to potentially acquire the link. (as a guest post, or paid --> we will provide with the training).


Again I repeat you don't need to have any outreach/email writing experience, SEO experience that is task-specific.

We will provide the training --> that's why we are simply looking for KEY skills: a detail-oriented person who can think logically and optionally also someone who can write in conversational language.

Sooo.... IF YOU ARE:
- Someone who learns quickly, listens, and asks for feedback
- Someone who can work independently (we dont micro-manage);
- Someone with a high level of attention to detail;
- Good research and analyzing skills
- Positive and have a go-getter attitude;
- Communicating openly;
- Proficient in written/spoken English.
- (Optional): You'll get plus points if you know something about SEO type of research like you have experience using Ahrefs

... You might be a good fit for us!

We are a small and friendly team (currently 10 of us) growing a blog in a wellness/relationship niche.
We aim to be the best resource in our industry and we need your help!

Our team is working in an informal environment built on trust, open communication, and accountability.

-We will pay you every two weeks through PayPal or Payoneer.
-Our starting rate is $4/h and we expect you to work 40 h/week (8 hours a day, Mon-Fri).
-We offer 3 weeks of paid vacations a year, after the first 6 months of working together.
-We take your preferences into account when composing the working schedule ( but NO GRAVEYARD SHIFTS!).
- Also we need this to be the ONLY job you are having, no 2 full-time jobs or something like it.

To apply fill out this form and if you pass our filters we'll contact you ASAP: Upgrade to see actual info

Put: “A-Star Researcher/Outreacher” (with no quotes) as your application filter text or your application will be immediately rejected.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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