Outbound Call Center Agent

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Full Time


$1000 Salary + commission




Oct 08, 2022


An outbound call center agent makes calls out to a provided list of leads and follows a script to schedule appointments. You will use a company paid dialer system, company script, and company guidelines to record lead follow-ups and schedule appointments. You will be trained on how to use the dialer, tested on the script, and reviewed on following company guidelines.

We expect from you to:
- Speak clearly.
- Follow instructions.
- Follow & memorize script/s.
- Be friendly and polite.
- Be able to work on US Time.
- Have stable internet with an internet backup.
- Have a laptop or computer that can run Windows & Chrome.
- Have a clear sounding USB headset that cancels out background noise.
- Work full shifts.
- Be a team player
- Willing to learn new skills
- Be independent when necessary
- Be responsible

In order to fully apply and be considered:
1. Submit a video recording of yourself answering a few questions and reading the partial script below. Please read through the script BEFORE recording yourself so you know how you will read through the script. There are responses for Yes or No answers and you should choose the route you will take before Upgrade to see actual infoTE: The script is intentionally written in this format. There are purposeful run-on sentences and places where you will not pause although it will feel like you should. Please read the script AS-IS after you have dUpgrade to see actual info how the lead would respond.

2. In the beginning of your recording make sure to state your name, answer these questions, and then begin reading.
- What's your name?
- Where are you from?
- Where do you live now?
- What are some of your hobbies?
- What is your previous job experience, if any?

3. Once finished attach the recording to job posting or email to Upgrade to see actual info

Yes, hey HI this is _______________ from the CCPOS. The merchant services Upgrade to see actual info reference to the credit cards for the business. Are you the one that handles that, the owner?

No? Great grab’em really quick for me.

Yes hey HI this is _______________ from the Upgrade to see actual info reference to the credit cards for the business.
The reason why I’m calling is because Visa, Mastercard, and Discover increased their rates in October and again in April.

What we do is we specialize in the Level 2 and Level 3 processing where a little bit of additional information is given about the cardholder to the processing bank which actually lowers Visa’s rate and Mastercards rate from level 2 to level 3.

Ultimately providing you the savings on your monthly payment.

You have your statements there with you right?

Well look, I’m going to send you some really quick info. What’s your email address so I can get that over to you. And the best telephone number to reach you, like your cell phone?

Now we also have the cash discount program which eliminates your fees altogether. Are you familiar with the program where you offset your fees to each customer and offer a discount on cash? More and more of this has been going around and It’s an option for you, if you too dUpgrade to see actual info.

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