Google and FB Ad Specialist

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Part Time


$640-$800/month + performance bonuses




Jun 23, 2022


We're looking for someone with experience running Google and Youtube ads to help us launch an initial campaign. We have the ad creative, and have experience running ads, but need someone whos going to setup and manage the campaigns including the analytics and tracking side of Upgrade to see actual infoitially you will start on an hourly/project basis as we are setting up and launching the campaigns. We would however love to ramp you up to full time based on performance, and are looking for someone whos eager to learn and grow with us to eventually become our full-time ad manager.

- setting up campaigns with creative and copywriting we have already made and tested
- setting up tracking pixels and monitoring conversions and performance
- launching and structuring retargeting campaigns

Requirements to apply
- You must have previous demonstrated experience running Google Ad campaigns and be familiar with the UI, how to set up audiences, and how to setup campaigns
- Previous experience with Google Analytics or some type of tracking software and be able to track conversions
- Strong technical skills when it comes to installing pixels, tracking codes, familiar with HTML header and footer sections, etc.
- Must be available to work nights (7pm-3am PST Time)

Bonus Skills
- Previous experience with Facebook or Upgrade to see actual info video Ad campaigns, or LinkedIn Campaigns
- Previous experience with Google Tag Manager and UTM's
- Experience with coding, running scripts, installing plugins, landing pages, coding, etc.

Overall we are looking for someone longterm to grow with us, and who enjoys testing new ads and platforms. We will eventually expand to LinkedIn and TikTok, and want to bring someone on who truly enjoys testing new creative formats and scaling up campaigns.


(Please Do Everything Below In Order to Be Considered)

STEP 1) Send an email to Upgrade to see actual info and also cc: Upgrade to see actual info on the email. The email should have the following info:

Subject: Google and FB Ad Specialist - [Insert Your Name]

1 - Write a short paragraph, only a few sentences, explaining your past jobs that are related to this Upgrade to see actual infoscribe what tasks you did on a daily basis, what the goal of those tasks were, and what responsibilities you had.
2 - In a separate section, write a few sentences about yourself. Let me know what your personal and career goals are, and what you're hoping to accomplish over the next few years.
3 - Attach a pdf file of your resume

STEP 2) After sending the email above in Step 1, send a reply email with your availability to meet for a 20 min zoom interview. Please do not send a new email, we would like you to reply to your first email in Step 1 so that there is an email thread or conversation Upgrade to see actual info your reply, just include some upcoming dates and times you’re available for an interview.

Thanks for applying, we look forward to hearing from you and meeting you soon!

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