Full-time Expert Web Application/PHP Programmer Wanted to Join A fun Team

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Feb 08, 2011



We are looking to hire an experienced, full time expert web application developer proficient in PHP, jquery, SQL, HTML/CSS, Javascript, and XML/SOAP.

The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years experience doing web application programming.

You'll be working under the guidance of our Chief Technical Officer who is located in the U.S.

You will be trained on our current web application and gradually given more responsibility to develop code with the goal of being fully responsible for coding within 3 months.

You must have ability to communicate very clearly in English, both written and verbally, as well as write extremely clean code and finish your deliverables on time.

You must be an excellent problem solver and be able to fix bugs that you come across.

You must also be able to elegantly, efficiently and effectively design and architect your coding solutions as we are not just looking for an extremely fast and good coder, but a coder who knows how to architect things in an optimal way.

You'll love working with our team as we are fun to work with, are already used to working with Filipinos (we have already hired 3 with great results so far) and we'll constantly challenge you to develop your skills.

After 6 months of work, we will pay you a 50% bonus (50% of 1 months pay) and after 12 months we will pay you another 50% bonus.

After 1 year, we will continue to send you a bonus check every 6 months for 50% of 1 months pay.

If PayPal is acceptable as a payment method that would work great for us, but if you prefer xoom.com that is completely fine with us. For the first month we will pay you every week to ensure you know you’ll get paid. After the first month, we’ll pay you on the first of the month.

In your response, please explain why you think you are the best candidate for this job and please elaborate on what web application programming experience you have in addition to attaching your resume.

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