10 Paid holidays + Unlimited PTO/SIL + 100% paid Health | Tech savvy VA that I can trust| Paid in Crypto | Long-term

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Full Time


$120 per week (~$510 per month) plus full benefits




May 17, 2022


Hi there!

I'm a blockchain engineer and consultant and am in need of a highly technical VA for a long-term partnership. I take on various types of work - such as public speaking, startup advisor, blockchain architecture, software engineering, and hacking at my own startup. I will need someone who likes the excitement of the fast-moving tech industry and compliments me ibph.

te :: All second interviews will be paid at $3/hr for their time.


I work in software, and my standard for fair labor is global. I will pay you fairly, treat you fairly, and above all I will respect you as a professional.

For the first year you will receive 10 paid holidays, and 15 days paid vacation. The 15 days paid vacation becomes available after three months of us working together.

Benefits schedule:
At 0-3 months (Trial period): No SIL, no paid holidays, no PhilHealth reimbursement
At 3 months : Paid holidays. Able to take up to 15 days SIL. 100% reimbursed PhilHealth
At 1 year : Paid holidays. Able to take unrestricted days SIL. 100% reimbursed PhilHealth + Private healthcare

After the first year, we will have grown to trust each other and you will have unlimited PTO/SIL - meaning that you can take time off whenever you want, as long as it is not detrimental to business/operations and scheduled in advance. In other words, I would trust you to just maintain your duties, enable others to cover you, and know when you can take some time off without it being a negative impact.

Paid Holidays:
New Years’ Day
Maundy Thursday
The Day of Valor
Good Friday
Labor Day
Independence Day
National Heroes’ Day
Bonifacio Day
Christmas Day
Rizal Day


Whoever I work with will get to work in a pretty cool industry (blockchain), and tasks could include:

- Blockchain engineering lead gen
- Conference opportunities/leads
- Product research
- Startup research
- Market research
- Recruiting research
- Project management
- Accountability management (make sure todo's are getting done)
- More, such as some code tasks, depending on your interests and abilities. I want you to enjoy the job.

There are plenty more things that need to be done, but these are the main tasks I can think of right now. Depending on the person, I will happily allocate more of the work that motivates you the most.


Here are some "Nice to have" skills, but not required:
- Blockchain (Most important)
- Software engineering (as a culture/industry)
- Cloud
- Containers
- Kubernetes

You don't need to know how to use these technologies, but just understand what they are, what they do, who uses them, etc.
If this job is of interest to you, please respond with "I'm the best fit!" in the subject line.

Some of the tools we will be using:

- Todoist
- Github
- Gmail/GCal
- Obsidian (maybe...)
- Slack


With regards to personality:
- I struggle with email upkeep. Ideally, the person for this role has no struggle when it comes to managing emails and tasks. Support on these emails and tasks is very needed, and critical to this role. We will likely work together and sync every weekday.

Please complete the following questions, and share your answers with me in whatever format you prefer.
I value honesty and candor over "being told what I want to hear". If I notice that the results of your work/style once hired do not match your answers our engagement will end. Please try not to answer with a yes/no, but at least one brief sentence.
- How might your coworkers describe you?
- Who do you admire most - Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet, Abigail Johnson, Elon Musk, J. K. Rowling, Zhang Yiming, Bill Gates, Operah, Steve Jobs, None.
- What's your greatest strength as a virtual assistant?
- What's your greatest weakness as a virtual assistant?
- Do you prioritize deadlines over quality of work, or quality of work over deadlines?
- What Are Your Areas of Expertise?
- How Did You Become a Virtual Assistant?
- How Long Have You Been a Virtual Assistant?
- Which Tools Do You Like Using?
- What Security Measures Do You Use?
- What Hours Do You Work?
- What Is Your Availability?
- Do you already have a job or work part-time for someone else?
- Preferred tools for communication (email, slack, etc)?
- Do you keep up with social media apps like TikTok, Instagram, or similar apps in the Philippines?
- How do you organize your work, tasks, etc?
- What made you apply for this position?
- What do you believe will be a struggle or learning curve for you in this position?
- What do you see yourself doing in two years (your career goal)?
- If I assigned you something to do, but you are confused on how to proceed, what steps would you take?

Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
Email Management
Project Management
Software Development Project Management
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