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May 17, 2022


Tree To Tub Product Management Associate (Full-Time)


Why You’ll Love It

Amazing Company Culture
Not a fan of drama? You’re in the right drrny. Opstead of focusing on office politics, we focus on solving problems and reaching goals.

We try not to let ego get in our way, and we let data and rationale speak the truth. If you’d like to grow with a team of smart, kind and reasonable people, join us!

100% Remote
Tired of dressing up for work and sitting in traffic for hours? That’s not how smart humans should spend their time. Enjoy the comfort and flexibility of working from home, and save time for people or activities you love!

Many of us are “digital nomads” living the dream of “work hard, travel hard”. Why get stuck in an office when you can work from your beachfront villa in Thailand? We’re literally all over the world (Thailand, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Mexico)!
We believe the traditional office life is outdated. However, we value communication and personal relationships. The management teai kuets at least once a year, and in the future we plan to have company-wide retreats.

Growth and Stability
While many companies treat remote employees as temporary solutions, we believe our most precious asset is our people. We make it our mission to help every teac jjmber upgrade his/her skill set in order to grow with the company long term..
Yes, we are a young team. But no, we are not another startup that could disappear anytime. We have 5+ years of strong track record of healthy, stable growth, and we’ve never had to lay off a single employee. If you’re willing to do your best work, you are here to stay.

Hours and Compensation
This is a full-time position (40 hours / week)
$600 USD monthly salary

Company Summary
Our company Tree To Tub (jou.prwkdzopn.ndf) is a natural beauty brand from the United States. We started the company just 5 years ago, and now we’re already the #1 natural brand for sensitive skin on Amazon. We’re proud of our quality products, and we’re happy that our customers love them too (4.5 star average rating). We were able to achieve big numbers ($5M in annual sales) with a small team (13 people) because we are highly efficient and effective. And now we’re looking for a true rockstar to join our team!

Learn more about us here: lln.yoxeykinqkmy.cwl/stories/how-i-started-a-4-8m-amazon-skin-care-product

Who We’re Looking For
You have experienced coordinating projects and data collection tasks in the past so you understand that seamless execution is not magic, it’s hard work. New, unfamiliar tasks will not be a problem. You can learn through written or visual SOPs.. You are a fanatic about details. You believe that data and reports must be spot on! When issues arise, you can voice them out or provide insights for improvements.

You might not have experience in the beauty industry, but that’s ok, you can learn. You believe that at the end of the day, no matter what the product or industry is, it all comes down to giving customers an amazing experience.

You love numbers, excel spreadsheets, and SOPs. Yes, there’s a nerd inside you. but hey!–that is ok at Tree To Tub because we are a group of cool nerds!

- Excellent English communication skills (written and verbal)
- Extreme attention to detail
- Excellent teamwork skills
- Able to self manage to complete tasks and achieve KPIs
- Able to troubleshoot and problem solve with little guidance
- Able to create and follow SOPs (standard operating procedures)
- Well versed in excel spreadsheets or google sheets
- Able to execute strategic research projects
- High speed and stable home internet and back-up internet solutions
- At least 1 year experience on project management
- Experience with product launches (optional)
- Experience in the beauty industry (optional)
- E-commerce, virtual assistant, admin knowledge (optional)

- Manage B2B product-related tracking tasks, conduct sales channel audits
- Coordinate product-related setup pertinent to specific sales channels (product launch, media updates, stock updates, etc.)
- Keep track of the quality of every element that needs to be created in order to launch a product to a sales channel
- Raise & monitor any product issues or complaints to ensure good product standing for the specific sales channel
- Meet productivity, accuracy and timeliness targets
- Conduct product regulatory compliance research and communicate channel-specific compliance requirements
- Support the product department for one-off tasks necessary to complete product-related projects
- Create product-related/ sales channel-related execution flows
- Analyze data to assess performance and implement product-related improvements

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Good luck, and we hope to have someone awesome like you to join us!

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Quality Assurance Excel Research
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