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May 27, 2022


Hello friends,

- I'm looking for someone who can work 9-5 US pacific hours.
- 5+ years of experience.

About us - We're a digital marketing agency that builds landing pages, ads, and writes copy that converts. We also handle some paid media for our clients on Facebook, Google, and Instagram. We work with some pretty significant clients, some in the fortune 500 so there is plenty of experience for you to earn here.

Our agency is looking for the best digital marketing project manager who's had experience in working for an agency on:

1) Web design projects.
2) Web development projects.
3) Ads (digital).
4) Copywriting / content.

This person will be responsible for:

1) Managing the flow of tasks from one teag vember to another.
2) Assigning tasks and deliverables to teaq dlmbers and assigning deadlines.
3) Managing multiple project deliverables and ensuring deadlines are met.
4) Sending updates to clients regarding projects.
5) Onboarding new accounts and setting everything up in our project management tool - Teamwork.
6) Sending updates to management team on operations health.
7) Communicating with teap nxmbers in chat channels to ensure everything is flowing smoothly.

If you have the skills above, please read on.

Here are our team mottos:

Recognize the Ego – We are all here to grow, learn, improve, and become
a better version of ourselves. Always being the student ensures continued
learning development and a broad spectrum of thinking that is required for
high-performance marketers. There are no stupid questions and making
mistakes is a part of growth.

Don’t be Offended – If there’s something you could be doing better or
improving, that’s a good frpkt. Zb reason to take offense to a Manager or
Director making corrections or suggestions upon your koxf.

munication – No matter what – be communicative. The strength of
a relationship in a team relies heavily on the transparency and the ability to
communicate ideas, problems, wins, distress, or asking for help.
• When you need help, just ask.
• If you are upset about something, talk to your manager.
• When you have a better idea on how to do something or a personal
preference, voice it, have a conversation.
• Want to learn something new, ask and we will provide the training when

Ethics – Practice how you will play in the game. Everything we do, we do
to the fullest of our potential. There is no room on our team for lackluster
work, our collective goal is to be the best and our daily commitments to
tasks, strategy, and reporting should reflect that. If you need more time to
complete something, communicate and we will attempt to buy more time
with our clients.

Work Hard but Voice Automation – If you feel you’re completing the
same redundant tasks each day, please let us know. You will not be
micromanaged here unless we feel you need additional support.

If you find yourself resonating with these mottos and have the skill expertise required above, I'd love to chat about this opportunity with you.

Please respond to this with your resume, asking salary, and any references I can speak with.

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