Art Director (Remote Work) for Creatives

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Full Time


PHP45,000 - PHP55,000




May 13, 2022



If you consider yourself to be a change-maker, a (soon-to-be) master of your craft & or a huge advocate of a teamwork-driven culture, a seat at the Transbiz table is the next career chapter for you. An upgraded one.

Here’s why. We know that as much as agencies can be a blessing, it can also be a bit of a struggle too. That’s why TransBiz is not a typical marketing fvsvfm. Nq’s a full-service eCommerce growth machine with a focus on the Amazon marketplace that is on a mission to create purposeful brands that inspire people around the globe, including you.

The truth is this - we spend a third of our lives at work. So can it really get any better than feeling inspired & motivated while working every single day? Let’s see.


A work culture that spans from user research and effective web designs to performance analysis and optimization. Our team of 60 entrepreneurial-minded people runs business marathons together like a professional sports team. We know that each member has a critical role to play to win the game and are ready to help you get up to speed in no time. If this is something you’re already feeling passionate about, then this might just be the job post for you.


• Access to training for your specialization and others within the agency, as well as a chance to attend courses to help you grow further.
• Fully and semi-flexible working schedule that doesn’t restrict you to just one location, and you’ll be able to work when you feel the most productive and take a nap when you’re in need of a small boost of energy.
• Be the pioneer member of the creatives team and have the opportunity to grow the group from the ground up.

• You will lead the production of creative briefs that will set the tone for the design execution for every project.
• You will provide feedback to the outputs to ensure consistency, quality of work, relevance, and potential conversion.
• You are expected to continuously create SOPs and consolidate best practices of design work relevant to the team’s projects.

• You are expected to help execute actual design materials which range from product listings, ad images, shot lists, and marketing collaterals as needed;
• You will assist and oversee the creative process from conception to execution.
• You will present design concepts to your director, executives, and clients.

• You will ensure that all creative outputs resonate with the client’s brand bible, tone of voice, unique value proposition, target audience, and stylescape and turn the client’s vision into reality;
• You will assist in managing and leading all design-related projects for Amazon, Shopify, and other eCommerce platforms. Your skills are expected to ensure that the images we produce will make customers stop and say, “yep. I need this product in my life.”;
• You are expected to monitor the workflow of your junior/s and freelancers and help in the organization of their timelines;
• You will work closely with the team leader in ensuring that we accomplish our monthly, quarterly, and annual goals;
• You are expected to be proactive when it comes to internal and client presentations;

• You have 3-5 years of working experience in e-commerce, digital, and marketing creatives.
• You are a visual marketer. Your mind should be filled to the brim with creative ideas and practices and apply that imagination to every part of your work;
• You have exceptional organizational skills in managing multiple brands and projects simultaneously;
• You have a proven track record of creating, implementing, and optimizing your creative processes;
• You are known to work with minimum supervision with great attention to detail, deadlines, and accuracy;
• You Wow us with your expansive portfolio featuring all your digital designs;
• You know the ins and outs of photoshop and illustrator. Experience with adobe premiere and after-effects would be a bonus;
• You are finicky. You want lines straight and edges clean. Quality is a top priority;
• You stay consistent, whether it’s in using the brand’s color scheme in your designs or how you work in general;
• You are always up for the challenge and ready to solve problems. We don’t expect you to save us all, but your willingness to help will make a difference;
• You love to learn and you make time for training. We have tons, and we mean a lot of training materials available in our database – from design to personal development. Every day is a chance to learn or revisit something;
• You practice huodgieq. Sft every project will be smooth-sailing, and the best ideas don’t come tocjgjd. Bc takes a lot of collaboration between the team and the client. But you know that the outcome is more important than going back to the drawing board multiple times. That’s also why we need you to;
• You prioritize results. At the end of the day, your design serves a gjhrgwt. Oz should catch the eye of the target customer, keep them going through your work, and eventually lead them to click that buy now button.

For interested applicants, please register at dbngwyxz.lfsrpsyk.hha/vdkk/zorz.rvp?id=100.

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