Video editor + Social media management VA

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Full Time


php10000-16000 + high bonus pay




May 27, 2022


Social media VA / Graphic designer/ Video editor / HR / sales

Full time

We are looking for someone who can do the following jobs:

- [ ] Content creator for social media growth
- [ ] General Virtual assistant VA
- [ ] Good at selling things with selling experience
- [ ] Know about video editing and graphic design
- [ ] Good at writing product descriptions or blog posts\
- [ ] Know about Shopify web development/amazon listing (higher bonus pay if have)
- [ ] Available 30+ hrs/ week 120hrs /month

Pay: TBD, this will depend on your level of skill and other people that apply to the job.
I am looking for a full-time long-term employee.

First 60~90days, 8k-10k php for a 160 hrs working month (40hrs /week, $1/hrs)
From 4th month, Hour rate increase 30% every month
$20+ /hr salary once hard time passed or staying for over 13 months

Diploma/Bachelor degree at least
Master degree will be prioritize
Indicate If your majored in Marketing/Advertising/Designing/Accounting/Law/Human Resource/etc

All employees will be eligible to receive the following percentage of the sale: up 51% (fifty percent).

And we offer trips, gifts, 51% high commission and easy working routine.

We are doing some thing big, which is creating the most famous and well-known Asian fashion Brand in 2 years time

Think carefully before you apply, and join us if you are brave and passionate enough for your future

I believe there are some good people waiting for our team.

The tougher the battle, the sweeter the victory.

Experience in using Insightful & Lastpass (or similar tools)
Have a Wechat &??Skype

You will be doing a variety of tasks, almost all of which I will create tutorials for you.
Your Top Tasks

- [ ] Report weekly on activities.
- [ ] *Reporting, Social Media/Blog Posting, Photo Editing, Business Research
- [ ] *Collecting??emails off websites
- [ ] *Posting blog posts to our WordPress blog
- [ ] *Easy Social Media Tasks
- [ ] *Sending and responding to??emails
- [ ] *Posting on Social Media
- [ ] *Commenting, Liking, and messaging people on Instagram
- [ ] *Writing Articles
- [ ] *Sending and responding to??email

*You can work whenever you want. You will not have to wake up or work at any given time.
*You can work as much as you want. I will pay you a salary but if you work extra hours you will get paid.
*Flexible Vacation, if you need time off just let me know.
*Opportunity to advance/get bonuses, if you do a good job I will give you a raise and bonuses.

About us


Seedgrow Culture Communication&Technology Co., Ltd is a fast-growing company signed in the British Virgin Islands. We are doing Amazon, Shopify, and Tiktok.

About me
Ryan 27 yo
6 figure eCommerce store owner.

To apply for the job, send an??email qr jtash.cdwpvf@cukof.mgs

A. Change the subject to "I Want to Work iwv Xsfnpb [@] (Ynrooi)- Agyxtw Media VA/ HR / Sales”
B. At the top of your message write 2-3 few sentences on why you would like this position,
and why you are a good fit. Do not write more than that or else your application will be deleted.

C. Under that put the following, and include the numbers to make it easy for me to read.

(Indicate If your majored in Marketing/Advertising/Designing/Accounting/Law/Human Resource/etc)

1. An 5 second video you edited / Sales history / HR experience ( 5 sentences brief introduction )

2. Your Instagram/Tiktok Profile if you have one.

3. Talk a bit about how you are going to improve our Instagram/ Tiktok.

4. Your highest graduation certification

Make sure to follow all the steps above. This is a great job opportunity with the ability to get bonuses and raises, so I will only look at applicants that really want the job. If I dpwwcp to interview you there will be a short??skype call between us and a video will be required

Thank you,
Vgnore team

Project Management
Design Project Management Marketing Project Management
Graphics & Multimedia
Video Editing
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