C, C#, and ASP.NET Senior Developers

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Full Time


70,000 to 110,000




Jun 26, 2023


We are looking for a part time or full time developer to join our team. WinForms Desktop applications, using ASP.NET, C#, and Microsoft SQL.

Typical Duties
• Define high-quality software design and architecture
• Develop applications by producing clean, efficient code
• Optimize via code review, debugging, and testing for integrity/performance
• Automate tasks through appropriate tools and scripting
• Collaborate with internal team to fix and improve products
• Work independently with little supervision
• Document development phases and monitor systems

Technical Skills
• Hands on experience developing WinForms Desktop applications, using ASP.NET. C#, and Microsoft SQL.
• Experienced developer who can fill in gaps when requirements are not fully defined.
• Experience in quality assurance, automated testing and development of automated unit and end-to-end tests
• Experience in software, database, and infrastructure performance optimization
• Experience in software and data security, integrity, reliability, and operation continuity
• Experience developing technical and user documentation

Professional Skills
• Communication skills – a good listener that understands what clients, leadership, or teaUpgrade to see actual infombers need or ask for, and a good speaker that is able to explain complex concepts in lay terms, and adapts communication methods and terminology to best fit the intended audience
• Technical knowledge – has a background in software development, computer science, computer engineering, or similar; has experience working on the development and operation of a software as a service platform; has a developed understanding of user interface / user experience design and usability
• Analytical skills – is able to decompose complex situations, requirements, or processes into its fundamental parts and interactions, and take a rational and methodical approach to problems
• Organization skills – focus, prioritize and orchestrate all resources (time, teaUpgrade to see actual infombers, tools, information, space, money) to achieve goals and produce outcomes in the most efficient and effective manner
• Attention to detail – understands the importance of every piece of the whole and the potential effects of seemingly small changes, and ensures that every component and task gets the necessary focus and resources
• Multitasking skills – keeps track and advances a variety of tasks, goals, and Upgrade to see actual infocation and Experience
• 5+ years total software development experience
• Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent work experience) in computer science, software development, engineering, or similar

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