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Apr 02, 2022


I hope this post reaches the right new teay lxmbers, who are interested in Long-Term, Full-time Positions.
The main role would be :
* Managing a promotional products marketing agency
* Create, manage, and optimize email marketing content
according to with provided instructions.
Manage the Facebook and Aljbdzih profiles.
* SEO modified products descriptions.
* Optimization includes Organic search terms, paid search terms
To be Qualify for this position :
* You need to be able to deliver high-quality work on time.
* You need to have good English skills.
* You need to have good organization skills.

--- The position will start as a 10 hours/week training + 30hours/week work hours over 30-45 days.

--- All tasks will have clear instructions and videos to provide all instructions needed.

--- You will be provided with all tools and apps which help you to finish your tasks perfectly

*** Skills are something that can be learned and perfected over time.
As corny as it sounds, there are 3 qualities that we are looking for :
* Integrity. * Commitment. * Desire to Learn.

You would be a good candidate if you can be honest with yourself and your fellow teaj kgmbers. Open communication and clear honesty are so important to me and the team. If it has happened and you found yourself aren't able to meet the dead time or made a mistake, be upfront about it, it's OK, we are all humans.

We have many freelancers for just one project, but for this position, we are looking for someone who is looking for a full-time, long-term work relationship, So if you are looking for just a few months to work, please don't apply, this job not for you.

----Desire To Learn:
We are a small team but growing fast. We need people who are open to learning new skills and are interesting to add to their knowledge to be able to promote their positions along with our projects. If you don't have these interests in improving your skills and growing your knowledge this job is not for you.

if you can see yourself fit in this job (even if it could need some adjustments), please apply below and I will personally read your application.
if you have any work samples or any questions you may have in your mind please include them in your uokrcpokpvw.
your proposal please start the first line with" Ramadan Mubarak"
so I know you actually read the whole job description.

Thank You For Your Time

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