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Jan 31, 2022



We are an innovative company from Adelaide, South Australia with a strong focus on community and technology.

We are looking for a hardworking Software Engineer to join our development team full time from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday Adelaide time.

This is a long-term position so naturally we hope to find someone who is committed to a long term employment, we will also be interested in providing on the job training to take on new and exciting responsibilities!

Your employment will be mainly based with our software company “eDockets”, but there are a number of other companies you may be involved in projects with if the need arises. Our system database as part of eDockets does handle the database for the operations of many of our companies.

eDockets is a web based (needing to be converted to an application) track and trace software which has been developed for the daily operations of the Cash in Transit industry, the need for the system has been ever growing and our development capabilities are restricted due to a lack of teaUpgrade to see actual infombers, it has only been two of us since the beginning, this is where you come in!

Your responsibilities as a Software Engineer will be:

-Develop new front- and backend features within our existing software ecosystem and integrate those with both internal and external APIs.
-Improve our progressive web and mobile apps.
-Help with database and server administration when required.
-Troubleshoot, identify and resolve system bugs.

The Must-Have Technical Requirements:

-Multiple years of experience working with NodeJS and JavaScript.
-Knowledge of how to work with Key-Value databases. Experience with Redis or LMDB is a big plus.
-Ability to work on basic frontend tasks with HTML, CSS and JS.
-Working with APIs: Connecting third party APIs to existing systems and building brand new APIs to connect internal Upgrade to see actual info would be best if you have worked with WebSockets before.

Ideally you have one or multiple of the following as well:

-You have worked with Nginx before.
-Experience working as a cloud server administrator, we use Ubuntu.
-Mobile app development with Cordova or Ionic.
-Some basic knowledge of PHP.

Good spoken and written English, attention to detail and the willingness to research to overcome any obstacles faced is essential.

We would love a motivated candidate who can work independently and self-determined without constant supervision, while also blending well into our team dynamic.

We operate multiple other companies in addition to eDockets. These include; SecureCash, a Cash in Transit company that eDockets was created for. The Cemetery on The Hill is a heritage listed Cemetery located in South Australia, the whole Cemetery database is built into our online system. The Church on The Hill, a heritage listed building built in 1850, adjacent to the Cemetery, which is currently undergoing a restoration and will become a Cafe, Wine Bar and Event Centre.

Among all our projects we strive to come up with and develop innovative solutions that separate us from our competitors. What we really want is someone as enthusiastic as us and passionate about the solutions we produce.

We recognise selected Philippine public holidays as well as Australian National public holidays. Your payments are processed fortnightly. You will be required to log all working hours through Timeproof.

We provide a 13th month payment, paid in two instalments at the half and end of year.

To apply please attach your resume, a short description on why we should choose you for this job and examples of your previous work experience e.g. links to projects or software you have previously Upgrade to see actual info your resume please include your salary expectations.

Kind regards,
Dylan Cross - IT & Marketing Manager

Software Development / Programming
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Web Development
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