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Jan 14, 2022


We are a growing software & e-commerce company looking to hire a full-time python or Javascript developer. We currently sell products on Amazon and have working software systems that automate much of our product listing and fulfillment processes. We are looking to build the fundamental applications and architecture to prepare our business to scale across several sales channels, both public and private. We are a very creative team, and we are always looking for clever ways to automate any and all of our business procedures. We’d like your help designing and developing business software procedures and operations.

Who we are looking for-
We are basically a start-up, and we are looking for a developer who can work on many different kinds of tasks. We are not looking for someone who can follow orders, rather, we need someone who can THINK and Design by themself. You will work within a team, and have a lot of creative freedom to design together, planing the needed architecture, functionalities, and systems to make this business work. This position can be a lot of fun for someone who can problem solve and take initiative. You must be capable of creating, managing, and problem solving through your own tasks. You will work closely with a team as you brainstorm ideas and agree upon applications and builds that unite with the team vision. You will be taking the role of a tech lead and are asked to give guidance from the technical perspective (scope, feasibility, timelines, proper architecture design). You will be assisted by team members who will provide the SEO, Graphic, and Marketing needs.


We want to have a website that serves 3 different Users, retail customers, Wholesale customers, and an inward facing portal where we onboard clients. We need a Database to manage all product data, a Data Warehouse to analyze sales data and make business decisions, and a Data Lake to just store other data that we aren’t using yet. We want to revise our current software builds and ultimately integrate them into one basic/simple user dashboard (for admin). We also want to automate as many parts of our business as possible. This could involve building our own scripts, or using 3rd party software and GUI automation, whichever is easier. We want to build simple bridges that can take product information from our database and create product upload files that fit the needs of each sales channel (Etsy, eBay, amazon, private channel).

Plan & Roadmap

-Build a Database to store and handle product data - we currently use many CSV’s
-Build a simple inventory management system, using an existing software or even by automating a series of google sheets
-Build a private e-commerce website with a customized User Interface
-Integrate the website with the database & inventory system.
-Build Excel/Spreadsheet automations for each sales channel
-Write shell scripts to automate various operations & business tasks
-Revise, Enhance & improve existing software we have written (python)
-Build a very basic/simple user interface for our existing scripts

Languages & Application Needs

-Website: We need a website that can handle e-commerce needs. Currently we have nothing. This website can be built off of Shopify, Wix, Wordpress, or whatever your choice. Whichever the platform you choose, you will have to be able to create customization of the UI as well as capability to interact with a backend database & inventory system in real time. The most complicated part of the website will probably be the inward facing client onboarding portal. This will involve a user creating an account, submitting some materials (images), handling those images through some backend processes, and finally outputting a CSV.

- Your Choice - Javascript, Python/django, Shopify/liquid, html, css, and others-

-Database: We need a database which can handle and store our product information, and user data via cloud storage. We will need to update and add new information to the database consistently, as well as make queries that deliver CSV’s as outputs. Would also like to have a data warehouse and data lake.

- Your Choice - Create from scratch with mySQL / Mongo, or build on top of a service like AWS or anything comparable -

-Miscellaneous Shell Script Automations: We automate all business procedures with Python, and we’d like your help to both come up with ideas to automate manual tasks, as well as build the automations. These builds don’t need to be perfect with beautiful UI, they just need to be easy to use and workable.

- Current builds are in Python -

-AWS integrations: We use AWS S3 cloud storage and ask that you’d be familiar with how to make push and pull requests.

-Working with Images in Code: In our company, we work heavily with images, and we hope you have an understanding of how to handle images in code, as well as the inner mechanics of different file types. You will not need to perform graphic design on images. You’ll just need to know or learn how to handle images of different file types as well as perform basic image adjustments like file type conversion, resizing, and analyzing metadata.

Work Environment

There are over 10 people in the company, and we are growing fast. We run an e-commerce business, and this guides our decision making when it comes to building new software. We strive to automate everything and get to be endlessly creative as we figure out ways to do it. You will not be a passive coder, but rather a leader helping the Development team to make plans and decisions.

The Dev team consist of four people, a Product Manager, Python Developer, Graphic Designer, and a team assistant. You would be the fifth person on the team. We work closely with officers in the company. Your Product Manager will facilitate the needs from the business and production end, and the dev team will come up with the needs and requirements to make it possible. We then present it back to the Officers and they approve the ideas. The dev team then has to guide themselves through the needed builds.

Software Development / Programming
Web Development
Project Management
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