Digital Media Manager

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Full Time






Dec 06, 2021


Job Description:

Reporting to the Higher Management, the Digital Marketing Manager is overseeing the daily functions of the digital media team.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Actively designing social media campaigns.
2. Brainstorm creative social strategies which are aligned with the company goals.
3. Overseeing the work of Virtual Content Writers, Social Media, Graphic Designers, and Digital Media team members.
4. Take a lead role for digital media project(s) and guide the team and designate their tasks effectively.
5. Configuring and initiating paid advertisement campaigns.
6. To be the single point of contact for the entire team for their deliverables
7. Share updates and progress on the projects on a daily basis with the CEO.
8. Lead a team of digital media, social media and content specialist


Five or more well-documented professional work experience as a Social Media or Digital Media specialist is a must along with team handling experince.

Skills and Competency:

The successful candidate will have the skills and competency to communicate with people of all levels of the organization, patients, and external agencies. They will be agreeable and professional at all times whilst being able to gather information and refer it to the appropriate member of the team. Accurate information gathering is essential as is the ability to work to tight deadlines and prioritize conflicting demands whilst working effectively. They will possess the ability to listen actively when spoken to and effectively communicate their thoughts to others. They will be sensitive to religious, ethnic, and cultural differences in others and show respect and empathy. They will be able to work alone but also in a team, with fellow staff, in the business setting and will actively seek out advice and/or guidance in order to solve problems. The candidate will have good time management skills and will actively seek to accomplish tasks and be able to use a variety of methods and ideas to solve problems whilst also being open to suggestions from others in order to find solutions.

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Social Media Marketing
Creative advertising
Project Management
Marketing Project Management
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