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Jul 22, 2021


Digital Collectors is the community and source of knowledge on the how-to's of starting and growing your digital collection. Discover The Top Digital Collectible (News/Insights/Opportunities) On NFT’s/Crypto In Your Inbox.

We are looking to build a content editorial team of 2-3 persuasive writers for a new email newsletter that we’ll be launching in the NFT/Crypto space for Digital Collectors (Similar to https://thehustle.co/ or https://www.morningbrew.com/)

You will be the sole writer for knowledge, fact-checking & news while also having entertaining or tongue-in-cheek humor and enjoy using memes. If you’ve been following the NFT or Crypto space and own some digital collectibles yourself whether it be for passion or for building a long-term portfolio.

If you’ve been listening to NFT podcasts like the Nifty Show, joining FB groups, reading NFT Medium articles and news, and have been bought some digital art or line up online for collectibles from NBA Top Shot and think about NFT’s every other day. If you’re familiar with terms like OMI Token, Nifty Gateway, Super Rare, Foundation, Open Sea, Crypto Punks, Cyber Kongz then this could be the position for you.

Job overview:
- Write weekly content pieces on NFT’s & Digital Collectibles
- Format the writing for an Email Newsletter First Format (training provided if needed)
- Be passionate about the NFT landscape that is fastly growing
- Have perfect English as you write for an affluent audience.

Examples of the topic to cover:
- What Exactly Are NFT’s?
- NFT Glossary Terms
- NFT Trending News
- How Digital Collectibles can build wealth?
- What are the best platforms for collecting NFT’s?
- Emerging NFT Technology Trends
- How To Make Money With NFT’s? This is a long-term role to first be paid on the per-delivered content piece to start.

Before you apply to this job post, please lead with the word “Digital Collectors” in your 1st sentence and share your thoughts on why you like the NFT space and where do you think the future of these NFT’s/Digital Collectibles are headed, or do you think this is a bubble/fad? (Anyone that doesn’t lead with this will NOT be considered)

Looking forward to talking further.

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