[USD Pay] Partner Manager/Client Assistant/Account Manager Assistant

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Full Time


$3 up to $10 per hour, depending on experience




Feb 09, 2022


-Full-time only.
-Must be willing to work during nighttime.
-Must be willing to take a free prerequisite course before you are hired. (approximately 6-12 hours).
-Learn individually through our courses and guides.
-Learn through your teab ifmbers.
-No minimum internet speed required.
-30-day paid provisional period.
-All tasks and productive work are billable.
-All training in the first 30 days is billable.

For questions, please view:

Partner Manager is the VA equivalent of Account Manager. An Account Manager (not a VA) manages the relationship with clients-- largely through Zoom calls, texting, Basecamp updates, and lightweight touches (waiter that works with VA cooks in the restaurant). The Partner Manager helps with non-clients, which are largely potential business partners, speaking, events, podcasts, courses, and other means to jointly create traffic, content, and sales.

Required Roles of a Partner Manager
1. Community Manager.
-----Truly care about client and customer success.
-----Provide lightweight responses on Facebook, LinkedIn, blog, Twitter, etc.
-----Monitor groups and social media for questions, comments, and complaints.
-----Help users with basic questions-- sending them to relevant articles, videos, and courses.
-----Escalate support questions, as necessary.
-----Categorize content: Score by authority (30 point scale), categorize by topic, choose stage in Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion Funnel.

2. Content Manager.
-----Not copywriting-- but cross-post items marked RTP (ready to post) to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the blog for each client.
-----A senior content VA can also boost any post for $1 a day for 7 days on Facebook to the client's primary audience (a pre-created audience for anyone who is within 4-7 miles of the office).
-----Higher Level Content VA to Posting - 50 photos and videos on GMB - 1 post per week on Facebook and Google
-----Pull out worthwhile positive mentions (especially video responses) and place them in respective Content Library, tagged by partner and topic.
-----Conduct lightweight analysis of ads metrics

3. Account Manager’s Assistant.
-----Onboard new clients in Basecamp.
-----Audits client’s access permissions on Facebook, Google, and others.
-----Conducts Quick Audits.
-----Create Snapshot Reports.
-----Assemble Executive Summary.
-----Assemble Success Tracker (Monthly or weekly report).
-----Organize, upload, and download files, and folders.
-----Gathering metrics from ads.
-----Order personalized gifts such as socks, shirts, and stamps.

Required Skills of a Partner Manager
• Excellent communication skills (both written AND verbal).
• Customer orientation and ability to adapt/respond to different types of characters.
• Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively.
• Extremely technically savvy (if you had to, you could teach technically challenged Grandma how to use her iPhone).

• This role is fully remote. The applicant can work anywhere he, or she chooses.
• Full Time: 40 hours
• Working Hours Available: 8 AM to 5 PM PST, flexibility: occasionally work weekends or hours outside 8:00-5:00 during major product launches.

Success Outcomes:
• Continually improve customer engagement and client satisfaction
• Searches for ways to make the customer happy
• Proactive in communication with the executive team with quick and efficient responses.


To apply for this job, send an email to tntzec@dcwxqwaebyzx.xuq and answer this quiz: fsuih://ltpg.orgdjx.hpg/esjej/c/m/2CCByIFVl1ho_KLO1UWY4GhPXKnkqN_t9SK-KFcxUu0InE0y23qbuDYL/hfvtbnzy?rjd=im_ehyj

Write the keyword "INCEPTION" in the subject line of the email.

Also, tell us why you're a long term player in your response and make a one minute video demonstrating why you would be a good fit for us and why you are a long term icrmkm. Ls can be up to 4 minutes if you'd like. Paste that url in your message through the your message to jfefya@qkldasiflywv.tyj. Xl not read a script, but do prepare thoughts.

We expect that you, like the others in our program, will level up and continue to increase their salary over time. As you're more productive, you deserve to earn more.

Looking forward to hearing from you and how you fit this description!

Only applications submitted through the frvxtx@xysjkdqetclj.hxd email will be entertained.

If you know Infusionsoft, Facebook ads, basecamp, and wordpress, even better.

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