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Full Time


Php 40,000




May 13, 2021


Full Job Description
Who are we?

We are InvestPub, a purpose-driven financial services firm with nearly 30 years of expertise. Our goal is to make the world smarter, happier, and richer by providing outstanding business and investing advice, at scale. But what does that even mean?! It means that we are helping clients all over the world to demystify the world of finance, beat the stock market, and achieve personal wealth and happiness.

What does this team do?

InvestPub's new business solutions division is looking for a copywriter who can inspire prospective clients to pursue a smarter, happier, and richer financial future using our actively managed investment solutions.

If you absolutely love writing about investing, business, stocks, financial advice, retirement, asset allocation, and financial planning…

If you can take topics that, unfortunately, most think are boring and turn them into powerful tools of action that persuade people to take action toward their financial goals, then you should read on.

As a Copywriter, your job is to inspire and persuade people to stop waiting, stop delaying, stop making excuses — and to start taking steps towards financial independence, right this minute.

Your work will meet people where they are! Whether it’s articles, videos, social ads, free reports, sales emails, landing pages, websites, direct mail pieces, or sandwich boards.

We’re looking for someone who can:
-write for any medium
-convey the voice of the product or guru in focus
-understand the nuances of several different products (some of which can be quite technical)
-keep it all compliant with regulations and be able to do it all while seamlessly navigating various offers, calls to action, and best practices for sparking action on the part of our prospects.

Whew! If that sounds challenging, that’s because it is! But it keeps us on our toes, and - for the right kind of copywriter - can be a heck of a lot of fun too!

As our Copywriter you will be measured by the response your writing generates — Is the story you crafted for our landing page driving interest in the featured products and appointments?

Are the marketing emails you’re writing generating leads and conversions? Are the scripts you’re writing for the marketing videos creating clicks to a form submission?

But what does this role actually do?

Developing the topics and big ideas for our online and email marketing campaigns throughout our entire conversion funnel. One day that could mean writing a catchy advertorial to run on our website to capture the top of funnel interest. Another day that could mean writing a series of posts for our Facebook and LinkedIn pages that link to such an article.

On other days it will mean you’re putting the final touches on a video script you’re going to help plan with our multimedia team.

You’ll be responsible from concept inception to publication, across every marketing channel. Collaborating with designers to highlight and promote the right aspects of the copy or content to yield the reader actions we desire - clicks on an article, downloads of a free report, web form completions, views on videos, orders/conversions on sales emails, etc.
Testing - topics, formats, audiences.

You will study and analyze the market, getting to know our prospect target audiences and our existing client personas - their motivations, their concerns and resistances, their investing goals, what they will and won’t respond to, where they hang out online and how we can appeal to them.

Researching industry and consumer trends to inform our marketing hooks that grab readers’ attention.
Staying on top of business and market news to know what topics will generate buzz and to capitalize on timely messaging opportunities.

Handling all the creative needs of multiple channels including emails, digital marketing ads, text placements, landing pages, order pages, microsites... and others we haven’t thought of yet because you don’t work here yet.

What do you need to apply?

We’ve found successful writers from a wide variety of backgrounds, from senior financial copywriters to marketers who love to write. The successful candidate will be able to provide evidence of persuasive writing ability that they have shown—examples could include sales copy, a series of persuasive blogs, a host of articles that got readers to take the action you wanted, or maybe an email to your mom convincing her to share her secret recipe with you.

We’re looking for:

-Knowledge and/or experience with long-form sales letters, video sales letters, advertorials, tried and true conversion tactics, and webinars.
-Experience writing marketing copy in the financial/investing vertical and/or a passionate interest in investing and writing
-Willing to work American time (6PM to 2AM MNL Time)
-Email direct response copywriting experience is a must.
-Must embrace & be effective working in a team environment.
-Must be flexible & adaptable to constantly change methods and objectives
-Detail-oriented. Strong proofing skills.
-Multi-tasks and prioritizes accordingly. Stays organized and meet deadlines.
-Needs to be successful at working remotely, and using critical collaboration tools such as video conferencing, workflow management, and online communication.
-Experience writing for the investing space moves you to the front of the line!

The successful candidate will dive into research. The best marketing ideas do not appear by magic—rather they are found through digging in and researching the topic, talking to the investors, and reading competitor marketing.

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