We are Hiring Appointment Setters with Excellent English Communication Skills

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Full Time


$750 - $1000/month




Aug 13, 2020


We are looking for Appointment Setters exhibiting the following qualifications:

- With HIGHLY COMPETENT English Speaking Skills (preferably American Accent or no accent)
- Able to work with minimal supervision from Mon-Fri at 9pm - 5am PHT
- With reliable internet, good computer specs and a quiet environment to be able to make high quality calls
- Customer Centered and Goal Oriented with Undeniably Awesome Personality

If this is YOU, be confident enough to submit 4 simple requirements at: admin@foundershm.com

1. Take the script reading activity below:

Instructions: Record and submit an AUDIO of yourself reading the two paragraphs below:

We're part of a patient referral program that gets you connected with corporate employees on matching PPO plans, and would like to demo this program for your office to review, alongside a complimentary lunch, to see if we can get you listed as a preferred provider.

We work with corporate offices in your area as part of their HR efforts to increase employee awareness so their employees will make use of their dental benefits and treatment coverage. bc as you know, most don't even use it lol. As part of this initiative we provide a list of preferred providers in their area, and would like to consider having you listed on our platform.

2. Submit a 2 to 3-minute VIDEO recording answering the following questions:
- Tell something about yourself. Family, partner, children, hometown, etc.
- Can you summarize your experience and work history?
- Are you currently employed? If yes, how much is your current salary? If no, how much was your previous salary?
- What are your three core values in life?
- Why should we hire you?

3. Send a link or soft copy of your resume

4. Send a screenshot of your computer/laptop's specs.
- processor at least i3 or equivalent
- at least 4gb ram
- a desktop is preferred but not required
- Microsoft office of any version is preferred

5. Send a screenshot of your internet speed (https://www.speedtest.net/)
- at least 10mbps download net speed preferably Fiber connection but not required
- We will notify successful candidates immediately after the screening

Our company is growing fast and we are welcoming future team members who are eager to learn and who have strong leadership potential. If you have these qualities, you know what to do.

Hope to achieve great things with you!

Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
Appointment Setter Data Entry
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