Ecommerce Expert to Run New Brand - Salary + 25% of Profit

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Full Time


25,000 PHP + 25% of Profit Generated




Apr 27, 2020



This is not a typical job posting, so please take the time to read.

I'm interested in working with and investing in a talented entrepreneurial individual that's skilled, motivated and driven to create and operate new e-commerce businesses in the U.S. market.

The payment structure consists of a base salary which will cover your base living costs + a cut of the profit that the business generates. Please only apply if you see yourself as a driven individual that is motivated to create a significant brand. If you're looking for simply the base salary, then this is not the job for you. If you're looking to make 4x or more of your base salary, then you're the right fit. If you feel like you're being undervalued for the results you're currently generating, then you're the right fit. If you have a track record of generating results for employers, then you're the right fit.

To give you some background on myself: I own a building materials distribution company in the U.S. with two warehouse locations - one in Chicago and one in Houston. I'm an extremely ambitious entrepreneur, however lack the time to commit to new ideas without taking away focus from my existing business. I've spent a lot of time in international trade and have even lived in Makati/BGC for a portion of my time in Asia. I understand the talent that many Filipinos possess, and believe that an opportunity exists where everyone wins.

For this project, I've allocated up to 5,000,000 php to invest into your development of new products. To start, your budget will be minimal, however, as you prove the market and your skills, I'll gladly invest as much money as is needed to expedite the growth of the business. I will also be offering my advice as needed, however will not be handholding for this job. You have to be ambitious and self-motivated. You have to have a track record of executing and the willingness to execute. What I will help you with product sourcing, creation, and overall strategy.

The compensation will consist of 25,000 php per month as a base salary, and then 25% of the profit generated above 25,000php after a short three month vesting period which proves consistency in returns.

My goal is to identify an individual that can lead projects from idea to financial fruition. After proving yourself, we will be investing more capital into what's needed, and giving you the resources to scale the business (warehouse space in the U.S. if necessary, etc.). However, note that this project is not the end goal. This is step one. If someone exceeds expectations, the plan is to acquire existing e-commerce businesses and have you spearhead and grow bigger projects. I'm not investing in a business but in you and your ability to grow. I will be taking on the complete financial risk, and paying you a salary to eliminate the majority of your risk. In exchange for that, I expect that you will commit the time and effort necessary to create something truly great. I also expect that you'll take the time to be diligent, such as reading this post and writing "apple" in your application so that I know you at the very least committed the time to read this posting.

terms of the products that you will be launching, I have a few ideas that have good market potential but for which I lack the time. Those products include: a health supplement, adhesives with many commercial applications, and the growing UV lighting trend for the elimination of viruses. We can discuss potential products and opportunities. I'm also open to funding other product ideas you might have if there is a proven market demand.

Please apply by detailing your experience and why you think you'd be successful in launching a new e-commerce company. Please detail the results that you've generated for previous employers and why you want this job.

This is a work from home venture to start. It can grow into you having office space and a team in the Philippines later if you lead the business in the direction of growth.

Thank you for taking the time to read! I look forward to reading through your application and speaking further,

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