Excel and .csv expert"

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Apr 25, 2020


We are an online company that provides a service to Amazon sellers. At the beginning of each day, we receive a list of items that our customers (who are all Amazon sellers) have shipped to us from various suppliers.

The main task of this job is to take that data (from Excel or .csv files) and place it into google sheets files and our internal template and upload to our platform. This will require great attention to detail and the ability to work quickly under stress. This person will responsible for making sure that there are no data entry errors and that information is entered extremely rapidly. This work will be performed between 8AM and 4-5PM EST.

The ideal candidate will have years of experience with excel and google sheets and can create pivot tables and V-lookups with ease. Google data studio experience is a plus. This candidate must speak flawless English and participate on some Zoom calls. Most communication will be via Slack and email.

Deliverables: formatted spreadsheets, comparison of data from billing invoices to spreadsheets tracking numbers, uploading spreadsheets into a web-based platform, email correspondence.

***Please put your internet speed in the subject line so I know you read through this post! This is how we know who can follow directions...***

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1) Please write 4-5 sentences about your favorite job and why you loved it so much?
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5) Have you ever worked on the US time zone before?
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