Woocommerce development and Zoho integration

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Full Time


Php 30,000.00/month




Dec 09, 2019


You are a great developer who will help us build two fantastic, portfolio-worthy web sites. We have in-house programming and web development skills (me), so you won't be working by yourself, but I need to spread the workload. My expertise is not woocommerce or Zoho but it is PHP, ecommerce, and many other languages/systems/protocols etc.

* Do not apply if you are an agency, or working for someone else and want extra work *

One site is a single ecommerce site, the other site is a marketplace (using WCFM Marketplace and all plugins).

We will work on the sites together, but I will delegate a lot of the tasks to you. You must be able to come up with creative solutions independently for review and meet production deadlines

The products we will be selling include bundles and other formats, variations, subscriptions and memberships.

Both sites need integrating with Zoho for inventory at the least, and maybe CRM too. We are happy to use a paid-plug in to do this such as the Roadmapstudios plug-in, but will need you to help set up Zoho Inventory and CRM for our specific needs. We may also want some general help setting up other parts of Zoho for our business if we have time but that is not core.

What is important is you understand Zoho well or, at least, understand how similar systems work and have experience with them, especially inventory systems. If you have a good knowledge of a similar system and are confident you can work with the Zoho system, we can talk about it. But if you have never set up an inventory system of the type we need, and are only used to WooCommerce work, this is not the role for you and we would be best not wasting each others time!

But if you have - please read on, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

As well as the Zoho inventory/crm setup and integration I will require you to build the front of of the sites.

We have an external graphic designer but some understanding of layout/design would be useful but not important. As long as you can work with graphics supplied and build the logic side, that is the main thing.

We require the single ecommerce site to be live at the start of January and the marketplace soon after (a lot of the work will be overlapping though). Once the main sites are live, future work will include additions to both sites, especially the market place, ongoing customisation of Zoho, and possibly provide technical support to customers on the market place by email/live chat (but if that is not your thing, don't let it put you off). I've done all my own developing for decades, and I am keen to free up my time so I'm sure I will find lots of work for you!

We are flexible with working hours as long you give us 8 quality hours a day and the work is done. We will also require you to be available for at least an hour or two of our time (GMT+1) so we can talk. We will be mainly talking on online chat but also video when needed and if possible.

This is a full-time role (I expect you to give us your undivided attention when you’re working with me) of 40 hours per week. You can work in your own local time / you have to be available early morning my time (a time somewhere around 4pm to 6pm your time or can be later if that’s something you would rather as then I will be more awake) for a Skype call each week so we can catch up and get to know each other).

We are not a start up (we have over 10 years with these businesses and 20 in total) but we have a start-up mentality and are treating this project in that manner.

We will pay you Php 30,000 a month, paid in two payments around the 1st and 15th once the trial period is over although this is up for review depending on performance and skill set and could be increased for the right person. The trial period will be six weeks. Pay for the trial is Php 25,000 a month and this will be paid weekly at rate of 6,250 a week (40 hours). You need to issue an invoice - we will give you the details of what company you invoice.

You will be expected to give a brief report each day on what you have achieved and what you plan on achieving the next day. This will be done via email or a secure online chat system.

We will respect all regular holidays in the Philippines and you will be paid for them (8 hours per day). You will not be expected to work special non-working holidays, but you will not be paid for these unless you have taken them from your holiday pay allowance.

Once you complete your trial period you will qualify for holiday pay, you will get 10 days of holiday per year (plus also regular holidays in the Philippines), this will be pro-rata, 2.5 days for every 3 months you are with us (you can build these up and use them together at any point during the year. You must let us know in advance, if you plan to be away for several days, you can’t just disappear and we don’t know.

You will be sent an Interview Questionnaire, we will select the people to have a video call with.

A bit about me and us. My name is John. I'm English but live in Spain with my Spanish wife and daughter. I've been programming since 1980 or so. We are a small company with a lot of ambition. We have recently been joined by two new partners with great experience who will help us grow bigger and better than ever.

We have a passion for the business we khk. Jv's much more than just a business to us.

We run retail sites that serve a specific (good) niches. We help people and we love doing that.

If this sounds like a role you would like to get your teeth in to, I look forward to speaking to you!

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