Business Analyst / Virtual Assistant for Growing Commercial Real Estate Company

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Full Time


$600/month initially




Nov 03, 2019


We are looking for a full time business analyst / VA to assist us in growing our Houston, TX based commercial real estate (multifamily/apartment) business. We are looking for someone good in multiple areas - not a superstar who only has one skill.

Job Duties

The candidate will spend the majority of their time in the following areas:
- Monthly Reporting Stewardship (about 20%) - Facilitating the timely completion of the monthly reporting deliverables from our accounting team. Review variance reports and flag any major items for my review. Lastly, upload Cash ledger and Accrual ledger in Access Database. Upload Monthly Operating Report (generated by accounting team) to Investor Portal.
- Quarterly Report Drafting (about 15%) - run automated report generator and compile a draft quarterly report for my review and commentary. Once i finalize report, you will pdf and upload to investor Portal.
- Filtering and "eventually" responding to emails on my behalf (about 20%) - I use the "Get Things Done" filing process.
- Sending emails to investors (about 10%) - After trust and your abilities have been proven, you will be given opportunites to directly email and respond to investors.
- Inputting property data into excel file (about 10%) - For new prospective acquisitions, you will be given a pdf rent roll and financial statement that you will need to transcribe into our Excel File so we can underwrite the property.
- Booking Hotel and Flight Reservations (about 5%) - occasionally i travel
- Performing misc research (About 10%) - Occasionally I have research projects for you to do
- Scheduling meetings (about 15%) - scheduling meetings and work on my calendar via email with clients/investors
- Setting my to-do list (about 20%) - We will meet on Mondays to set my to-do list for the week

Technology Skills:
- Must be savvy with technology: email, Microsoft Excel, SmartSheets
- Training will be provided on how to use: Microsoft Access Database and Investor portal
- Must be fast typer and fast in general
- Must be comfortable with Gmail, Google Hangout, VOIP calls, etc.
- Must have reliable Internet services

Communications Habits:
- Fluent speaking ability in English and solid English writing ability
- Must be available weekly (Monday-Friday) for 8 hour per day with all 8 hours being in our time zone "initially" until fully on-boarded (maybe 1-2 months) and then you can transition to at least 2 hours per day from 6am to 8pm Houston time.
- Must be rapidly accessible and responsive using email and Google Hangouts
- Available for morning/evening calls as needed

Desired Attributes:
- Honest, Hard Working, Friendly, Self Motivated, Disciplined
- Must be able to work independently and show value in such an environment
- Professional and businesslike on the phone and in written correspondence
- We are looking for a full-time, committed Business Analyst/VA. We expect the candidate to not take on additional VA or project work for other companies that would conflict with work for us.

Expected Compensation:
- Range: TBD - likely $500mo - $800 USD mo for full time support (but depends on skills, experience, and overall abilities)
- Will be paid bi-monthly in arrears using PayPal or Xoom, etc.

If interested, then please send a professional overview (resume/CV, LinkedIn Profile, portfolio, etc) that exemplify the above traits and tell us why you are interested to work for us. Include your email address and contact information Also, in the response email, please include in the Subject Line an answer to the math problem five plus five. Simply saying the "Solution is __" will be sufficient. Why? We want to find candidates that read the entire post and are detail orientated.

Thanks for your interest.

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