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Full Time


USD $400




Mar 03, 2020


Are you looking to join a remote culture and work from anywhere on a relatively flexible timetable? Would you like to learn more about affiliate marketing and On-Page SEO?

Are you focused, detail-oriented, and self-motivated?

If so, read on...

We are an affiliate marketing company that builds and monetizes websites in a variety of niches. We are looking to hire more people to join open positions in On page SEO department.

What is in it for you?

We are a company of a fun, friendly, and competitive people. Every position has an incentive structure in place so employees can make an additional $$ beyond their base salary once they have been with the company for a year.

We VALUE transparency and we maintain a culture of a family-like company. We share all rev figures with the team and everybody has direct access to Brandon and Manyu (DigiDom founders). Our company always makes sure that there is room for growth and promotion.

We are growing fast and love giving additional responsibilities and compensation to proven employees. As the company grows and continues hitting our monthly goals, we will be having a company retreat in Thailand later this year! You could be part of this retreat if you are able to join the company, We would love to have you with us! :D
We are looking for:

The best On page SEO Lead has these qualities...

Detail-oriented: You should love the details. You believe that you can never be too meticulous. Former engineers and technical product managers often thrive in this role. A focus on detail is essential for every member of our team; little hinges swing big doors.

Creative: Creativity is also important. With each site you build, you are bringing a new idea to life. You will be trained to develop a strong “vision” for how each site should look. The User's experience and goes hand in hand with SEO.

Patient: Sometimes work can be repetitive and monotonous as we manage a LOT of Sites. This is a good time to embrace your detail-oriented side and perhaps throw on a podcast to accompany you as you immerse yourself in the details.

Eager Testers: Working with us isn’t just about checking the boxes, although we do follow a lot of checklists! Ultimately, you are tasked with building and maintaining Sites that lead to better rankings of our money sites in Google.

Relentless Improvers: It is expected that you will treat every site you manage as if it is your own baby. They should look great and it's your responsibility to make sure that every aspect of it is in good standing. Don’t worry as the company loves to keep the communication open. YOU can reach out and get some help as you also share your insights with your colleagues. You are expected to take the initiative to care for the sites assigned to you and make improvements on an ongoing basis.

Out-spoken: We would always love to hear from you, your thoughts about how can the company improve. As I mentioned above, we value communication. If you think your thoughts will improve any area (system/process and SEO-wise) in our company we would love to know it.

Analytical Thinker: Digidom loves making sure that everything is laid out to you (scores, ranking, traffic and even revenue). We make sure to provide all necessary data to you and being analyzing these data to improve the standing of the sites is one of your responsibility.

You Are The Ideal Candidate If...

-You have past experience and knowledge in SEO (not essential, a nice-to-have)
-You are highly organized and detail oriented
-You are ambitious, self-disciplined, and prefer to be measured by results, not hours clocked
-A fast learner who is able to adapt to new technologies fast

Interested? Here is what to do next...

Apply here and:

-Include "Money Site” in the title of your application
-Describe your past experience with SEO and/or other forms of internet marketing
-Tell us how comfortable you are in handling these responsibilities
-Tell us your current location, expected pay, and whether you are seeking full or part-time work
-paste this question (what makes you stand out from the rest of all applicants?) at the last part of your cover letter and give an answer to it.

If selected for an interview, I'll personally be in touch to coordinate with one with you and send you a zoom link. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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