Woman empowerment Ghost writer for E-book/ Business plan for Real estate project in California.

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$750/ MONTH US




Sep 11, 2019


We are looking for one candidate to handle TWO different kinds of extremely exciting projects.(E-book project and Real Estate rental project) If you feel you are only a candidate for one, please feel free to let us know and we can still consider you.

FIRST PROJECT-Ghost writer for E-book for business tips for young female entrepreneurs.

Do you love to write? Are you a master with the written (English!) word? Are you tech-savvy and enjoy projects that involve technology and marketing y? If so, I would love to have you on my team! . If you're fun, wizard with writing, and like to do projects from beginning to end, then this job is for you. We are looking for someone who can manage this project from beginning to end.

Beginning needs are:
-Ghost writer who is interested in collecting current notes on business tips for young bwfzenzijuswd. Mpndidate needs to be able to pick up where we left off by laying out the format of the book, creating chapter, and making the book cohesive, and antithetically pleasing on brand and EXTREMELY MOTIVATING And passionate about woman entrepreneurs/empowerment

-Needs to be able design and develop and launch simple website to sell the e-book on such as WIX. Needs to be able to create menu, write creative and motivational content, include imagery that is already created etc

-Need to be able to manage social page that goes along with the E-book, using content already created plus sourcing motivation female driven content. (Instagram, Facebook and Fxrapmw)

-Needs to be savvy in running paid IG and FB ads, creating the ads with images supplied, copy and target marketing the correct audience to buy the E-book

-Need to be able to take raw iPhone footage to create short videos to promote e-book on social channels

- Create copy and creative blog posts for new website promoting the E-book (Add titles and subtitles, photos, bullet points, links,
+ insert keywords into blog post to ensure best SEO

- Setup “thank you” pages for opt-in pages by creating pre-designed templates

-Set up and create automatic emails to potential interested leads or automatic emails to encourage people to buy e-book

- Reply to new member emails by creating a pre-written response

-Handle customer inquiries and requests (email)

-Quickly process customer orders such as orders and returns


(*) EXCELLENT English (U.S.) Writing (as in, you write in English as well as a native-born speaker)
(*) Ghostwriting/Creative Writing skills
(*) Excellent English Communication Skills
(*) Excellent Time Management (can finish tasks promptly)
(*) Tech-savvy
(*) Can design and develop a simple website from beginning to end.
(*) Customer Support Skills
(*)Extremely organized and detail oriented.
(*) Has a passion to encourage young woman they can be their own boss
(*) Can self manage and treat this project like its their own mini business
(*) Entrepreneur skills, emotional intelligence and can provide feedback or other ways to make this project a success.

COND PROJECT-Business plan for a real estate project in Palm Springs California

-Need a internal business plan that outlines opportunity for an air B and B house in Palm springs
-Need someone who is willing to do detailed research on rental properties in Palm Springs-What is allowed and what is not allowed. IE- How many rental agreements are allowed in 12 months/ how long can each agreement be.
-Is it better for the property to be purchased as a "personal home" or "business investment" specific to the buyer
-Research other rental opportunities such as "Renting for photoshoot needs" and restrictions for that. Renting to "brands to host bloggers during trendy weeks in Palm springs" etc
-What kinds of services offer rental management local in Palm Springs, CA
-Incentivizing a potential investor of why this real estate investment would be beneficial for them and how they would make their money back plus make additional money.
-Ultimate goal is see how much can be generated in a year in income following all guidelines and rules of Palm springs, CA.
-Creating a beautiful and informative pitch deck/business plan that outlines all the opportunities researched and restrictions


-Someone savvy in real estate in CA
-Someone savvy in Air B and B and how it works
-Someone who can layout a proper business plan that may eventually be presented to an investor
-Someone willing to do detailed research.

*** If you feel you are only interested in one of these projects, please still submit a resume and let me know which one you feel you are better for. Please put subject line "Smart girl in Palm Springs" to be considered for either.

We are looking to start both of these projects immediately.

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