Celebrity Social Media Account Manager

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Sep 09, 2019


This is an important (selective) hiring decision for us and we will take the time to find the right team members. We have taken a lot of effort to be detailed and explain the position thoroughly so that we can both determine if it is a good fit.

To Apply:
• Shoot a 1-minute or less video of yourself explaining why you would be a good fit for the role
• Submit a cover letter with 500 words or less about your interest in joining the team
• Submit a resume
• Include any links you think would be helpful
• Social media accounts
• Linkedin
• Personal Website
• Any other links you feel would be helpful
• A sample of an editorial calendar (or social media post schedule) you have built
• Some examples of social media accounts you have managed

If interested, please send an email with the requested requirements to Theideaman@nspiredmedia.com and Collaboration@nspiredmedia.com

General Job Description:
We are looking for a competitive and trustworthy Social Media Manager to be in-charge of managing a number of social media profiles and executing different marketing strategies. We need someone who is well versed in interacting with targeted virtual communities and networking with users for promotion and to provide customer care services to new audiences. Ultimately, we need someone to help us meet and surpass business expectations and contribute to our company’s rapid and sustainable growth.
You should have experience building post schedules and setting automatic posts for all our channels and optimizing for best times to post.

• Hunger for Knowledge, Humble and Enthusiastic
• Desire to learn, try, experiment and the ability to catch on quickly
• Experienced in managing multiple projects
• Social media tone and voice
• Strong Organizational Skills
• Knowledge of Networking Tools - Linkedin, Facebook, IG, and Hootsuite
• Understanding of social media metrics; able to interpret the results and take action to increase effectiveness of our social
• Social Media growth strategies

Mentality and Personality - How You approach work
• Organized and detail oriented
• If one way doesn’t work out you find another
• Enjoy a high paced multitasking environment
• Enjoy moving many initiatives forward at once
• Outstanding Communicator
• VERY proactive thinker
• Passionate learner of all things productivity, self improvement, growth, marketing, or sales

Training- How we will support you
• We have influencer developed video trainings that you have access to as a part of our team.
• Sales training
• Digital Marketing Training
• HR training
• Social Media Marketing Training
Email Marketing Training

Nspired Media
We use art and marketing to create a global culture of social good.
We are a creative and marketing agency that focuses on social media marketing consulting for those making the world a better place. We often work with celebrities to accomplish this goal.

About the Company
Nspired Media influences global culture by producing fresh concepts that leave viewers Nspired to make our world a better place. We tie our love of humanity with our love of art and marketing to support change agents, tell their story and distribute their media in more compelling ways.

We are a creative, idealistic, and optimistic team with a deep commitment to creating a world that works for all living in it. We believe that by producing Nspiring content and growing brands with a commitment to improving the world we exponentially increase our impact.

We are ideators but most of all we are doers often balancing changing priorities as we respond to the cultural landscape. We move with exceptional pace and prioritize execution. We use the dopest of concepts to encourage positive dialogue on difficult issues and always operate out of love.

Our Core Values:


Technology and Communication Platforms we will use:
• Monday
• Mailchimp
• Calendly
• Zoom
• G Suite
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
• Hootsuite
• Slack
• Tick Tock

How We Will Communicate
• Chat
• Video Messages

Time Commitment
20-30 hours / week

Marketing & Sales
Social Media Marketing Instagram Marketing
Creative advertising
facebook linkedin