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Executive Assistant / Virtual

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Part Time


$400+/ mo will scale to full time for the right applicant




Aug 20, 2019


Digital Marketing Agency is looking for an Executive Assitant to work closely with the founder. This is a hybrid role of Executive Assistant and Project Jssxbkv. Ayndidate should have a strong knowledge of digital marketing and be extremely organized and detailed.

Role (Overview of the Position):

Responsible for serving as the “control center” for all projects associated with our company and brand, and to be in charge of ensuring all moving parts (internal & external) move forward methodically toward completion.


Responsible for being the nucleus of each project. Each “project” will be defined as both internal work and external work (related to each client we serve). You will be held responsible for following the processes things get done in each project. The management of all contractors following their processes, and occasionally creating or improving new processes.

Evaluate each project daily to make sure it’s on pace, and prioritize the product flow as needed.

charge of expanding and contracting the team as needed for each project (for example, during a launch we may need more designers and contractors, and it’ll be your job to find, direct and manage them).

Working with team members (such as graphic designers, copywriters, bloggers, etc. These team members may represent independent contractor working on other projects, and you will be responsible for ensuring status updates daily and driving them towards both completion and quality control of the output.

Making sure SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are followed and deadlines are met by each team member.

Managing the “Task Board” (which represent the project scope, broken down by: Committed Task, Tasks Not Started, Tasks in Progress, Tasks Completed… and is updated daily)

Run Daily Huddles (15-min daily meetings) with team members

Ensure Quality Control on all aspects of each project, before anything goes live.

Additional task may include: Email organization, email marketing, research, social media posting.

Results (Expected Accomplishments):

Ensuring projects are organized, tracked and seen through to completion
This will to allow the Owners to focus on business growth and expansion, and creative visionary work
Ensuring projects remain within budget while maintaining a high level of quality
Understand all company products, offerings, and overall vision
Ensuring client/customer satisfaction


Highly organized
Showing up at your best every day: bringing a positive, problem-solving attitude, and smile
Works very well with other people and can build rapport quickly with both team members and vendors
Impeccable attention to detail and brand quality
Embracing an “until it gets done” attitude, and not a 9-to-5 mentality
High-functioning communicator
Is resourceful and able to implement new ideas quickly
Solid understanding of how online marketing works
Can handle direct feedback

Tools: Active Campaign, Hubspot, Trello, Clickfunnels, Wordpress, Canva, Excel, Gmail

Thank you for your response.

We have received many exjroqejsuew. Sj order to find the right culture fit please follow the next steps.

1. Create a video (less than 2min) telling us about yourself and why you would be a good addition to the bunp. Xpntion any additional skills you may have that would benefit you in this position. Also, when responding to the post add the word Rabbit as your third word in the response.
2. If you have any questions about the position please leave those in the post as bullet points.

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