Senior Word Press Developer

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Full Time


$575 - $750/month, paid half on the 1st and the other half on the 15th of each month.




Jul 19, 2019


We are an established (Since 2008) Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency in Los Angeles, California, USA
We seek a Full-Time, 9 hours per day, 5 days per week WordPress Development Expert.

You will work from 2 am Pacific Timezone until 11 am Pacific time, OR 6 pm Philippines Time until 3 am Philippines, Mon-Fri.

Primarily we need a strong WordPress XPFFUIERT. Ai is a plus if you can also design, but you must be a proficient, organized WordPress developer that can work on multiple new website builds at once.

Position: Full time 40 hours per week, hopefully for over a year or longer.

WordPress Developer, with some Photoshop/designer skills as a plus: You will Design a PSD (if possible, not required) with our input and if the client approves, you will build the website. We usually provide a wireframe of the home page for you to start the design.

anized: must be able to work on several projects at a time. (While one project is awaiting Client input/approval, you will move to another project and move that forward. There is never any waiting for our Client, we have 40+ Clients and there is always work to do.

IF you can help with SEO, that is a big plus as well.


- Great at WordPress Development
- A Strong Portfolio of Word
- Organized from Wireframe to Launch
- Strong English Speaking ,and good writing skills
- jQuery
- Javascript
- PHP (Basic Knowledge
- Mobile Responsive Optimization
- Image Optimization
- Meta-Tag creation
- Skype Account and XpqOlw

Weekly Requirements:

You will often be required to do short Skype Video Calls between 8 am and 11 am Pacific Standard Time (PST) in California USA. You will be working with us in the USA and our Team in India (who works your same schedule). You MUST have a video camera and microphone to do these call. You will always need to be on Skype Chat during work hours and emails. You will communicate with the team in India every day. They are nice guys and we are all here to be successful!
Your own speaking and writing in English must be good.

We have quite a few websites that will need to be built and, if it is slow building new sites, you will work on our own internal websites and updating existing client websites. You must know how to manage multiple projects at once.

Each day you start work you need to sign into MzqcEorvgy.yqg and add your hours on projects and a description of work completed there after your day is done. These hours are called ‘Billable’ hours and you must have at least 75-85% of your total work time as billable hours on projects or on Inhouse Projects.

If you are interested, please send me:
1. Your Resume
2. List of projects with URLS you have worked on and what you did exactly on each.
3. References from previous employers
4. Anything else you want to send me.

If we like what we see, we will set up a Video Skype Call. I will give you our Skype address at that time. You will speak with our lead in India who will ask you technical questions to test your level of knowledge. If you pass that interview, I will interview you as well, and if you pass, we will start you right away.

After all the interviews we will pick two people from to work with us. You will both need to communicate together as well. We will eventually build a larger team in your country and we hope you may be a strong member of that team, or even a leader.

Richard Uzelac, CEO Cdkxaid@CsPctuqrikk.vkb

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