Nootropics, Health and Supplementation - Writing | Video Editing + Thumbnail Creation | Social Media Content Posting

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Full Time


Up to PHP 50,000/month (based on skill)




Jul 20, 2019


We are scaling our company's social media platforms and blog and need a virtual assistant who can assist with editing, transcribing the videos into written blog articles, as well as create the thumbnails and post the content on all of our social media platforms.

Our content is focused on nootropics, health and supplementation and a variety of other topics that all center around our product line.

sentially the job is broken down into the following steps:

1) At the end of each week, videos for the following week's blog articles/social media posts would be provided.

2) The videos will need editing. Our production value isn't very high as my information is what people rely on, rather than fancy complicated editing. I basically just need the awkward transitions (huge pauses, "umms" and "ahhs", edited out), as well as our company disclaimer to be edited onto the front of each video (this is just a pre-recorded disclaimer clip that needs to be placed in front of each video before rendering).

3) After editing the video, we will need a different version of that same video repurposed for Instagram as they use 1080x1920 videos for InstagramTV (IGTV), whereas YouTube and all other main platforms can use the same 1920x1080 videos. A shorter version of the video would also need to be trimmed for Twitter (they have a 2 minute and 20 second video length time limit).

4) A thumbnail for YouTube will need to be created at this point (1920x1080), and this thumbnail will also be what we will use for all other platforms except for Instagram, which will require a 1080x1920 sized thumbnail.

5) After that is all taken care of, we will need the audio of the same full length edited video to be exported into a separate MP3 file for my podcast.

6) We will need that MP3 file transcribed as the transcription will be used for a blog post on my Wordpress blog. That transcription will need to be proofread and altered accordingly for proper grammar and to be SEO friendly for search engines. This will become a SEO friendly blog article that will be posted on the same day as the corresponding videos on the social media platforms.

7) The videos will be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, Bitchute, Twitter and Instagram. The audio will be uploaded to SoundCloud and our other podcast platforms. And the blog article will be posted on my Wordpress blog.

We want to have 1 post daily at least to start.

That would be 1 video, 1 blog article, 1 audio, all deriving from the same video clip/content, just repurposed for every single platform.

*Note - Writing SEO friendly blog articles with a transcription is something that is typically not in the job description of a video editor/social media manager.

If you are qualified to do all of the duties outlined and have a strong enough command of the English language to also take on the blog article writing, you would be paid more accordingly.

But, if you are able to do the other portions of the job, you can also apply just to fill those roles and we will hire someone else for the blog article portion who will work with you to coordinate each days post.


(Flexible hours/days based on 24/7 schedule)

There is a 30 day trial period on a part time basis or per project basis

Full Time-After 30 day initial trial period evaluation.

1) Describe your experience as a social media assistant
2) Describe your experience as a video editor/graphic designer
3) Describe your transcription and blog writing experience (if any)
4) Describe your SEO experience (if any)
5) Which part of this job are you most experienced in?
6) In the subject line of your response (write the word “SERIOUS”) so we know you actually read the complete job description and are serious, and help us avoid the auto-response candidates that do not read the complete job description.
7) Describe any other previous job experience you feel could be beneficial in this position

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