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Full Time


$400 USD/month




Jul 22, 2019


Are you a writer, nay--a keyboard ASSASSIN--looking for an exciting opportunity to build up an ARSENAL of skills? Do you suffer from a stunning lack of weaknesses such as COMPASSION and MERCY in killing writing projects with deadly accuracy? Are you blown away by my amazing ability to CAPITALIZE stuff and wonder how you too can be so RUTHLESS with the shift key? Then read on!

We’re seeking to build a team of writers who can turn audio files provided by authors (who can’t write very well or are too busy to take the time to write the book themselves, those DIVAS) into clear, concise, engaging, publish-ready, professional nonfiction books.

This job will be extremely demanding and challenging. There is absolutely no doubt about that.

will require someone with great decision-making ability, a deep and thorough grasp of the English language, a passion for communication, relentless work ethic, and the ability to step into the shoes of the author and write in a way that brings their unique voices and personalities to life on each page. Part science and part art, each project will be a large mystery waiting to be solved.


This job will no doubt be the ultimate dojo for someone looking to achieve true mastery and excellence in book-writing.

Starting pay is $400 per month, and extensive training for two months will be provided before you work on your first live project for a paying client.

After that, the earning potential is only limited by your skill and speed, and your pay will increase in proportion to the improvements you make in those areas.

If you’re wanting greatness in life and you’re eager to take on huge challenges to get there, then we’d love to financially support you while you develop those talents.

If this sounds like the job for you, send a quick message letting us know why you’re the right person to add to our team of VICIOUS VERBAL VIGILANTES!

(Note: The shift key WAS harmed in the writing of this job posting, BADLY. Keyboards have two shift keys, so the other one is still working fine, OBVIOUSLY)

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