Outbound Real Estate VA Cold Caller (Must Be Fluent in English)

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Full Time


$640+/month, Negotiable




Jul 08, 2019


** Only Apply If YOU Love Being on the Phone and Talking to People **

We are a Real Estate Investment company and we are looking for 2-cold callers with excellent customer service skills. This position entails cold calling homeowners and asking if they would consider a cash offer for their property. No selling! No negotiations!

Here’s how you will be helping us:
- Cold calling prospects.
- Following-up with prospects.
- Asking prospects a few questions.
- Documenting your conversation with prospect.
- Report in daily.

This is NOT sales position.

You will not be required to sell or convince the property owners to sell their property or do business with us.

You’ll simply be a friendly voice that will ask them a series of questions so that our Purchase Manager can contact them.


There are a few MUST haves:
- Must be able to make calls between 8am-4pm OR 12pm-8pm CST 8-hour work days, 5-days a week.
- Must be Reliable, need to be able to consistently work remotely in a quiet location.
- Friendly - you must come across as warm and friendly so that the homeowner can feel comfortable providing you with the necessary information about their property.
- You must type at least 50 words per minute - there is a lot of information that you’ll be typing as you listen to homeowners. So, typing speed is a must have for us.
- You MUST love being on the phone and speaking with people.
- Team player - you’ll be a very important part of our real estate team.
- Highly organized - you’ll be working inside of our CRM and managing the leads and scheduling calls to follow up with them, so it’s important that you be organized.
- Fluent in speaking and writing English.
- Computer - Must have a Desktop or Laptop.
- Tech savvy - Learn how to use web based applications we have. (We will train you)
- High Speed Internet Connection - goes without saying that you should have a fast internet connection.
- Pleasing personality - You'll be interacting with homeowners. So, having a pleasing personality is a MUST. - That means you're outgoing and positive when on the phone with people.
- Must be able to make 100+ calls per hour.
- Scripts and training will be provided.

$4 USD per hour PLUS Bonuses for the first 90-days.
$5 USD per hour PLUS Bonuses starting on your 91 day.
$6 USD per hour PLUS Bonuses starting on your 181 day.

- Compensation will be paid through EasyPay.
- You will use TimeProof to login and logout daily.

*** HOW TO APPLY ***
Take this personality DISC Assessment @ https://www.tonyrobbins[dot]com/disc/
(It takes approximately 20-30mins)
1. Click on Take the Assessment.
2. Fill in your first name, last name, email, phone number, country, and gender. (click next)
3. Take the personality DISC Assessment.
4. Record a .mp3 or .wav file and speak the SCRIPT below.
(Please read the script several times before you record the script. First impressions are everything)
5. Message your DISC Assessment results as a PDF, resume, and recorded script (.mp3 or .wav) through www.onlinejobs.ph MESSAGES to be considered.

*** SCRIPT ***
Hi Patricia! My name is (your name)…
I know this call is totally out of the blue…
But I was calling about a property I believe you own at 4326 N. Montana St in Chicago.

The reason for the phone call today is… I work with a local investor...
and I’m reaching out to see... if you would... consider a cash offer?

(Pause for 3-seconds)

Great... Now before we can determine “How Much We Can Buy Your Property For”
Do you mind if I ask you a few basic questions about the property?

Please apply as soon as possible!!
I am trying to fill these positions ASAP!


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