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Jan 24, 2020


I am looking to interview top talent in the Philippines who are specifically, hands-down the "best-in-your-field" in the industry of : resumes, cover letters & helping people effectively enter the job market through different job platforms.

Bottom-line, can you write to help others get what they want, and to speak authentically for the client seeking their first job, a short-term gig, or a golden opportunity that aligns with their talents but they need to "clarify" their message in writing and stand out from the competition???

Are you that type of person?

PREFERRED: someone who has worked in HR 1+ year or is meticulous, creative & effective in helping "improve" your average resume or cover letter. Very results-oriented. Strong discipline to the craft.

I am building a small team & only want committed, passionate, "get-it-done" people who are the best at what they do and they can prove it in the work.

I am not hiring in the immediate 30 days but I would like to prospect the best for position(s) that will open up in 2-3 months.

If you are:
-highly-qualified or expert at "re-vamping" cover-letters (cover emails) and resumes to enhance client's prospects of getting interviews and jobs faster
have industry insight and can be efficient, on-target, and results-oriented
-METICULOUS, maybe OCD, in your writing, communicating, attentional-to-detail
-able to edit, proofread, analyze & resume standard content and how to best serve the client
-able to put together concise, clear, effective professional statements in alignment with client's work history (limited or extensive)
-understand Philippine culture as it interfaces with the rest of the world in virtual work, and can be part of a team to help elevate and impact people who would like to get hired sooner, rather than later
-flexible, open to feedback, mentoring
-have exposure to this work and can recommend best software tools for resumes, etc and digital trends
-have a good eye for design and simplicity (modernize the resume away from the PH standard)
-have broad understanding of different job platforms offered in the Philippines and can help others be more successful in the competitive area of online work
-have other talents that are value-added to this core work, creative, technical or other expertise that could add to this job.

This post is to invite candidates for interview and review of work history related to the above mentioned items.

Please be prepared to have a portfolio of work done in the past, if applicable.

If you possess skills I am looking for, then I may offer you a short-term consulting gig to begin, to see if there is a fit and standards are met.

Thank you for your interest.

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