Looking for business partners to become fellow millionaires

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Jan 23, 2019


I am looking to start a business and will need business partners. This will be a different kind of job post than most of you may have seen in the past. I would like to get 10 of the best business minded Virtual assistants. These virtual assistants will be considered part of a Mastermind group. If you do not know what a mastermind group is please google it.

The core business we will all be working on is a number of different passive income jobs. The mastermind group will have to do a lot of research. We will all put our thoughts together and chat back in forth as a group to find the best answers. The best Mastermind business partners will have the following skills.

1. Have an entrepreneurial spirit

2. Have a huge network.
The network would be people that have SEO, Social media, Web development, Email marketing, Content writing and blogs, research, data entry and any other people in your network that would have skills that can be used.

3. The mastermind group will have to have amazing English reading and writing skills.

4. The ability to work the work hours of New York USA.

5. Top marketing Project Management skills.

6. Strategic Planning and business plan skills.

7. Bonus points for applicants that have started an online business.

8. Since we are all going to be partners we will all have to share the expenses in the same way we share the profits. So applicants must a have a small level of start-up income.

9. Applicants must have a successful or millionaire subconscious mind. Because that is what we are going to be. If you need to reprogram your mind google it.

10. Applicants must have knowledge of passive incomes.

Since this is not a small hourly paying job I am sure that I am going to get a lot of applicants. Most posts are not opportunities for a business partnership. Each partner would work a different wing of the company or a different passive income job. All 10 of us will grow our passive income jobs to $100,000 per year and the company as a whole will be earning a million dollars. This will be a process that will take time. Please do not expect to be making $100,000 next month but as a mastermind team, we will brainstorm all of the aspects to avoid mistakes and get the company growing at a very fast rate. If you have been lucky enough to come across this post and you have the skill set outlined above get ready for your life to change in a very dramatic way.

To apply for this job, send an email simply send an email to cqxog@raubwlg.qoy with the words "Candidate for mastermind group" in the subject line. And also include in the subject line the numbers in the bullets that apply for you. So if you only have an entrepreneurial spirit your subject should look like this "Candidate for mastermind group 1". Although the subject lines from the best applicants would look like this "Candidate for mastermind group 6 6 1 1 7 8 2 7 3 84". Thank you and bless you.

Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
Admin Assistant Appointment Setter Data Entry Email Management Event Planner
Speaking Translation Tutoring Teaching Writing
Blogging Copywriting Creative Writing Ebook Writing Editing Proofreading
Marketing & Sales
Affiliate Marketing Classified Ads Marketing Craigslist Marketing Direct Mail Marketing Email Marketing
Amazon Product Ads Bing Ads Creative advertising Facebook Ads Google AdWords
Web Development
ClickFunnels Drupal Development Infusionsoft Javascript Joomla Development
Content Management Cpanel Css Drupal Ecommerce / Shopping Carts
Graphics & Multimedia
3D Modeling Adobe Indesign Animation Specialist Autocad Graphics Editing
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