Job Overview

Company Overview:
We are a US based real estate development company- We are Better Business Bureau A+ rated and 4.5 star+ across social media. Also pls review my company profile on UpWork to see the thousands of hours of virtual assistant work over the last 6+ years we've hired for. You can feel confident we are an employer that values are virtual workers and wants to hire long term. My longest serving virtual worker has been with me for over 5 years.

Job Benefits
-Flexible schedule- 15-20 hours/week to start, with opportunity to increase hours with good performance- to FULL TIME
-Must have ability to work full time 45-50 hours a week (full time) if this goes well
-We will provide Mojo dialer for you

-Cold call property home owners to find out if they want to sell their house
-Find out the price the owner wants for their house
-Record notes from interaction and take very detailed notes in google drive

-Must have ability to call US phone numbers
-Must have familiarity with google drive
-Little to no accent- must sound like native or nearly native English speaker

1. Email me at with the following:
1a- your resume
1b- a voice recording of you saying the below script:
1c- the hours you are available to call each day in EST time
1d- a screen shot of google drive installed on your computer
1e- your desired hourly rate

2- Then message me on this platform letting me know you've completed the application task

ONLY those who complete ALL application tasks completely will be considered.


Skills required:

• English
   - Speaking

• Marketing & Sales
   - Telemarketing

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