Experienced Drupal Developer, possibility of some PHP programing (to build custom presentation module), some experience in relationship database base development (Filemaker a plus). Full or part time work building and maintaining a multi-site configuratio

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Part Time


Negotiable, based on experience




Aug 17, 2013


Statement of Work (SOW)
1.0 Background
Commerce enable a multi site Drupal configuration to deliver digital content and enable subscriptions to class content and multi-tier membership options. Create an online profiling solution where users submit photos for a profile request are then profiled by an editor and then receive their published profile. Represent the Higher Alignment system components and their relationships within Drupal. Design uplift. Domain Access module to accommodate separate but related sites with shared content for Higher Alignment and C7i.

2.0 Statement of Work
2.1 Commerce enable site. higheralignment.com, c7i.org
2.1.1 Purchase audio (mp3) and presentation (pdf) files. Primary use case, previous classes recordings, presentation slides, books. Provide future capability to purchase videos.
2.1.2 Online profiling (detailed under 2.2)
2.1.3 Class Registration
2.1.4 Multi-tiered membership subscription model. Basic and Enhanced.
2.2 Design Uplift higheralignment.com, c7i.org
2.2.1 Replace current theme with purchased theme
2.2.2 Provide strong home page design using purchased theme.
2.2.3 Uplift Both sites with photo imagery
2.2.4 Re-style the Calendar
2.3 Online Profiling – higheralignment..com, c7i.org
2.3.1 Workflow analysis of online profiling pipeline.
2.3.2 Online submission of profiling request, uploading photos, and payment.
2.3.3 Editorial workflow to profile user
2.3.4 Publish user profile and notify user
2.3.5 Implement Views for members to share their information with other members
2.4 Higher Alignment Reference – higheralignment.com (c7i.org)
2.4.1 Provide a content type for every Compatibility Factor within the Higher Alignment system.
2.4.2 Provide links to image galleries that are examples of each Compatibility Factor Quality.
2.4.3 Provide a browsing interface to explore the reference work.
2.4.4 Provide interlinking between Compatibility Factors
2.4.5 Glossary or lexicon with terms highlighted for tool tip or link to reference page
2.5 Implement solution to support multiple related sites
2.5.1 Explore Domain Access Module to accommodate shared content between sites
2.5.2 higheralignment.com, c7i.org

3.0 Time Line – ongoing development and support

Graphics & Multimedia
Web page Design
Software Development / Programming
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