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May 27, 2010



We are looking for a qualified individual to fill the position of “web-designer”. Its a long- term, full-time, COULD LEAD to a permanent position. You must be able to take a task, project we give you, be creative and think on your own to accomplish it. You must have initiative.

Who am I? My name is Paul, Manager of LiveThriveNow, LLC. I have an SEO Certification, Bachelors in Computer Information Science, and adWordsExcellence Certification. I also create websites: check out http://www.usarmyoption.com. Anyway, enough about me.

Duties of the Webdesigner:
1. Create websites from scratch using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and mySQL. I have created a website at http://www.usarmyoption.com. If you can do stuff like that then reply to our ad. If you cannot, then please do not reply.
2. Research skills. Keyword Research, Competition Research (you can use google to see who the competitions are), SEO Research. – We can provide training in this.
3. Some Basic Copywriting Skills – We can provide training in this.
4. You will be creating graphics, logos and resizing them, etc.

The work is not difficult. You will probably just be creating a complete website each month. Usually 1 - 4 websites. Using HTML and css, this should not be too difficult. The Website will have a landing page, squeeze page, home page, and other webpages. The webpages must be SEO with the relevant keywords for each page. The website may need a payment option included on the order page. (paypal, authorize.net, etc – if you do not know how to do this we can train you in that) Other elements that the webpage may have is an autoresponder, adtrack script, videos, photos, audio, etc. There are different types of webpages that you may be called upon to do; testimonial, product review, etc.

Are you an employee or an independent contractor with us?
You will be treated as an independent contractor… not our employee. You will be required to sign a standard independent contractor agreement, so please give your w8-BEN. You will handle your own tax and report your earnings to your own government. At the end of each month, you will be required to provide a invoice with the monthly salary we pay you. This is for our records.

How Will You Get Paid?
We will pay you via paypal. You must have your own bank account and paypal account for us to do this.
We can pay you via xoom.
You choose the method.

Starting Salary
Starting salary is $300 a month for the first 2 months. This is the trial period. After the trial period the salary will go up to $325 a month for the next 2 months. This is the adjustment period. After the adjustment period, the salary goes up to $350 a month. It stays that way until you get raises. If this is not satisfactory, then do not reply to the ad.

What is the work schedule?
You will work Monday – Friday to accomplish the project or task given to you. You get Saturdays and Sundays off. It is a 40 hours work week per week. We don’t care if you work for someone else on the side as long as you complete our task and project within the time frame we ask. Do NOT reveal our project or tasks to other employers, if you do, it will be grounds for immediate termination.

Vacations and Philippine Major Holidays
We respect major Philippine Holidays and thus you observe them as well, and get paid your weekly salary. During these holidays, you get the day off to observe the holiday and take the day off.
1. New Years Day – Jan 1
2. Maundy Thursday – April 9
3. Good Friday – April 10
4. Labor Day – May 1
5. Independence Day – June 12
6. National Heroes Day – Aug 30
7. Bonifacio Day – Nov 30
8. Christmas Eve – Dec 24
9. Christmas Day – Dec 25
10. Rizal Day – Dec 30
11. New Years Eve – Dec 31

You get 2 weeks vacation every year. 1 week must be taken between Christmas and New Years. The other week can be taken anytime during the year as long as you give us 2 weeks notice so we can hire someone else to replace you temporarily. You will get paid for those weeks while you are on vacation. You get paid the current salary you are receiving with us. Ex: If you are receiving $350 a month, you get $87.50 for that week you are on vacation.

There is no sign on cash bonus but we will provide a bonus at the end of each year of employment. Ex: If we hired you in June 2010 and you are still working for us at the end of Dec 2010, you will get a prorated cash bonus equivalent to your current monthly salary divided by 12 times the number of months you have been working for us. If you are still working for us in Jan 2011 – Dec 2011, then you get a one month salary at the end of Dec 2011.

Helpful skills that will help you get hired with us – These skills are not necessary since we have our in-house team that does this, but will definitely be a plus:
1. Lead Generation and Traffic Generation Skills.
2. Blogging (Word Press) and Blog Marketing skills.
3. Back Link Strategy, link wheels, blog network marketing.
4. Web 2.0 Strategy
5. Paypal integration into websites, or other forms of e-commerce integration.
6. SEO Strategy – Keyword Research, SEO Analysis
7. Writing Skills for – SEO, Articles, Adwords, Copywriting
8. PPC

If you are looking for additional training we provide that for FREE. These training modules have been sold for $197 in the past. We have acquired them from a training course company and provide them for free. Some of the training modules you might read are in the subjects of adwords, wordpress, seo, article marketing, web 2.0, etc.

You MUST have your own:
1. Modern Computer
2. Fast, reliable internet connection.
3. Phone or some type of instant messenger
4. Reliable email. You will be sending me the completed tasks or projects via email. Sometimes you may be given username and password so you can upload the files directly into the website.

Send us your resume.

I'm wondering if you're interested? Ask me any additional questions you have. Thanks.

Paul (Manager: LiveThriveNow, LLC)

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