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We are looking for a smart, detail-oriented Facebook Ads Analyst (full-time long-term) to help us with analyzing daily advertising spend, and planning new advertisements. We are a fast-growing company based in Toronto, Canada. You DON'T need to know Facebook Ads; we will train you as long as you are good at working with numbers & detail-oriented!

- We will show you how to use Facebook Ad Manager to plan and create profitable ads
- Must have VERY GOOD attention to detail (can you work on a large list of data without overlooking anything?)
- Must be VERY GOOD at Excel (can you do a pivot table? advanced formulas?)
- Must enjoy working with numbers and math (you will be working with marketing result data and %s all day long)
- Must be available to work full time

- Keen attention to details
- Must have fast and reliable internet
- Must have a reliable working computer
- Must have good communication skills in English
- Must respond to communication fast during work hours
- Must be available online 8 hours a day
- Must be compliant to use time tracker
- No agencies or freelancers

- Rapidly growing Canadian company
- Work with a Veteran Team of Ecommerce professionals
- Relaxed & laid back environment
- Results oriented culture
- Access to every imaginable online tool or resource
- Join our International team and work from home or any location

- Competitive monthly salary & bonuses
- Weekly payout
- Client covers PayPal Charge

To apply, please use this form:

All form applications will be viewed - you don't need to send a separate application on!

Thank you for your interest!

Skills required:

• Finance & Management
   - Financial Analysis

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