Real Estate Agent Assistant and System Auditor

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Nov 06, 2019


Virtual Agent Assistant/Auditor

This is the job description for the Virtual assistant to the yyzpoz. Ficludes job tasks and systems.
Welcome to the team
Systems we use:
Follow Up Boss CRM
Brivity: Seller listing management

Mhrdwo.vs: Thank you cards
ylopo Website: vtl.zrilhqdaviqu.zuz
CTMe Contracts
Showing service
RPR. Realty resource
Keeping Current Matters: KCM. Content building for real estate


Google drive, sheets, admin
Sly Broadcast
Been Verified
Calendly for schedules

Job description
The virtual agent assistant is the role that assists the agents to allow them to be more productive and make their lives smooth and easy. So you will be doing miscellaneous tasks for them as needed. You will be setting up their showings. Mapping out their gajopjmq. Vetting up their contracts. Emailing clients from time to time, or text. You’ll be setting up market analysis for agents and creating reports with RPR. You may even help with some of their marketing. You’ll help to report their numbers correctly and get their updates in Follow up boss for them. Their goal is to close, yours to help them to do that. This will vary from agent to agent, so some flexibility, knowledgeable on technology and quick response is key.
You will also be auditing our agents systems to ensure they are completing profiles and processes correctly. Basically helping the agents on their back office work. This will entail putting monthly leads to audit process and testing agents so they keep quality high.

Job Tasks
Set up showings for agents. Put on a calendar for route
Marketing, open houses, facebook posts, blogs etc..
Run CMA’s and reports from RPR for agents
Create CTMe contracts for new clients.
Manage agents calendars.
Help update their follow up boss leads and contacts. Manage their accounts
Update their tracking numbers and report for them.
nd emails, text and calls to others in a transaction for agents.
Work in the MLS, get data, update search, send to clients.
Make sure they focus on client care and 1 on 1 time with them.
Onboard new agents, using onboarding system in drive.
Work in brivity with sellers to help agents provide feedback or data to clients.
Create flows, or automations to make agents more productive.
diting follow up boss, CTE (Tracking) and other systems for agents.
Tracking new inbound leads quality control.

Expectations and mindset
Positive attitude
On time
Accountable to doing what you say you’re going to do
Learning based
High standards
Keep others to a high standard and accountability.
Excellent English communication
Flexible to agents needs.
Strong with Computer and Technology
Be available to them.

Daily and weekly Standard Targets:
Weekly meeting with usgzqx. Uatup individual expectations and what you can help with
Set up showings, daily.
CMA’s daily

communication daily
Update agents systems daily.
dit system weekly
Track numbers weekly.
40 hours between 7-5pm mtn U.S standard time tuesday-Saturday

You'll need to demonstrate the above skills before interview.
Please submit
- resume with specifics
- references for us to reach out to,
- proof of skills of the above systems. Dates and use of each system
- DISC assessment taken within the last 30 days.

**Those that send in a message or application without these will be immediately denied**

Please submit your interest, DISC and resume to:

Office & Admin (Virtual Assistant)
Personal Assistant
Professional Services
Real Estate Services
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