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Nov 09, 2016


I need a ghostwriter familiar with the contemporary romance genre to write a 60k word novel. Writing must be clear, engaging, and concise. I prefer novels with lots of dialog. Needless to say (but I have to say it anyway), there must be a story; beginning, middle, and a happy ending.

The story will be in the first person, from the female's point of view. I can provide an outline or story idea, or you can surprise me.

Note the emphasis on contemporary; I don't want to see references to Hannah Montana or Friends episodes as current events.

No erotica or pornographic scenes, but sensual scenes are great; think feather, not chicken.

Expected delivery date will be 30 days after the first milestone.

Milestone payments - I don't expect any writer to work for free. I offer a milestone payment of $50.00 for a completed first chapter and outline. Make sure you grab my attention with the first chapter.

The second milestone will be the rough draft and will be $50.00.

Final payment of $50.00 will be upon completion of an edited manuscript.

But hey, if you have a completed novel sitting on your hard drive that you are sure will knock my socks off, submit it and get paid the full amount immediately.

No plagiarized writing. I will go out of my way to leave a bad review if you waste my time with plagiarized content. I wrote the book on Unicode spoofing of writing samples, so don't even try.

IMPORTANT - All applicants must submit a fiction writing sample. Give me an example of a first person scene using past tense correctly. I don't need a book or a complete story; just a paragraph to prove you have read my listing. You would be amazed how many fail this test. Note how this test is several paragraphs down. Shotgunners never read this far, making them easy to eliminate.

If you're hired and provide excellent work, you will be considered for all future projects at a higher word rate.

Applicants must be native English speakers. If you understood only half of what I've written, your English is not good enough for this project.

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