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There was once a kid who loved hearing about good stories…

His parents would tell him bedtime stories every night, of brave heroes defeating mighty villains. About underdogs who would overcome almost impossible obstacles through hard work, perseverance, and a relentless belief in what they are capable of.

This kid was so amazed by these stories, that he started writing his own stories. But it was met with laughter and mockery from his fellow kids and other adults.

“Stop writing, your stories are boring.” “This looks like it was written by an amateur!” 

But he didn’t let that stop him from writing good stories.

Little did that kid know, he would go on to be a great story writer, and help businesses around the world write the most engaging stories for their brands.

Do you struggle to tell your audience about your story as a brand or business?

Is your goal to use your story to keep your brand top of mind for your ideal customers?

Do you want to work with a copywriter who’s honest, no-nonsense, and empathetic?

If you answered “YES!” to all of these, then we’re the perfect fit!

Hi there, I’m a Freelance Copywriter with the goal to help your brand tell a story that captivates and persuades your ideal audience and customers.

You see, I still believe that storytelling is an underrated skill that brands and businesses can use to elevate their revenue and brand awareness…

And I want to be able to help you achieve whatever goal you have with your business, with the power of storytelling.

Listen to what my previous clients/bosses said:

“He was a highly motivated individual who demonstrated his excellent copywriting skills. He was able to grasp new concepts and obstacles very quickly.” - Zachary Pierce

“It is my pleasure to recommend him for any position that demands copywriting and attention to detail. He is a solid communicator, an honest teaUpgrade to see actual infomber, and committed to delivering result-driven tasks on time.” - Keran Smith

I can write a story within the copy that your business uses:

-Email Campaigns  
-Landing Pages  
-Social Media Posts  
-Facebook Ads  
-Product Pages  

All of these have the potential to tell a story that hooks your ideal customers!

Oh and by the way, here are 3 more reasons why you should work with me:

#1: I currently have 4 years of experience in copywriting!

I’ve written copy for different clients and businesses around the world.

I have written for different types of clients whether in America, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and here in the Philippines

Adjusting to your culture and your brand voice is a cinch for me.

#2: I can work with absolutely anyone!

Yes, no matter what personality they may have, I can work with anyone!

I believe that everyone has a story too, this makes me more empathetic with different kinds of people.

This makes me aware of what needs to be done for a team and its teaUpgrade to see actual infombers to be able to work together to achieve great things and successful projects…

Regardless if I like them or not!

#3: I believe that the best stories come from Japanese anime!

You might call me a weeb, but I’ve liked watching Japanese anime since I was little cause they’re awesome!

I believe that they tell the best stories ever, not only for children but also for adults.

If you’re a fan of Roronoa Zoro from One Piece, then we’ll DEFINITELY get along!

I hope these reasons show my enthusiasm for telling the most persuasive brand stories.

If it caught your attention, and you’ve become interested in working with me…

If my story is not compelling enough for you, then tell me, I’m always open to feedback haha.

Your story matters

P.S. If you want a sample, I can critique your current brand story for FREE.
You’ll find out what it’s like to work with me.

Message me now and let’s write your beautiful brand story together!

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Marketing » Copywriting

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Marketing » Email Marketing

Experience: Less than 6 months

Marketing » Social Media Management » Social Media Marketing

Experience: 1 - 2 years

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