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November 26th, 2023 (10 days ago)

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January 3rd, 2012

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Good day, Folks!  Read on as I have a FREEBIE waiting for you, you won't want to miss when you reach the end. 

Yes, you! the daring business owner in the middle of something extraordinary. 
I have a confession to make—I'm not your typiUpgrade to see actual info seasoned copywriter. I don't boast years of experience written into my resume. Although I may be a little late, I possess a great deal of enthusiasm, creativity, and a strong determination to bring your startup's story to life.

Why Should You Take the Leap with Me?
Starting a business is a leap of faith, and I invite you to extend that faith a little further. Here's why taking a chance on me might just be the best decision you could ever make for your startup:

1. As a newcomer to copywriting, I offer a fresh perspective and a desire to come up with new ideas. I'm not bound by traditional norms, allowing me to think of new angles and deliver unique, attention-grabbing content. Just let me know how you want stuff written, I'll do it. 

2. Eagerness to Learn Your Story: Your startup is not just a venture; it's your passion, your dream. I want to know your story, undersUpgrade to see actual infod what makes you unique, and create a narrative that reflects your vision.

3. Commitment to Excellence and Precision: Every project I take on is an opportunity for me to prove my mettle. I'm dedicated to delivering excellent work and following instructions precisely to create the message you envision.

Here are the Services I Could Offer Your Startup Biz: 

Engaging Website Copy: Transform your website into a captivating storytelling platform that grabs attention and invites exploration.

Create engaging blog posts that connect with your audience and position your startup as a respected authority.

Persuasive Marketing Copy: Craft persuasive ad copies that drive traffic, increase conversions, and amplify your startup's reach.

Ready to Challenge the Norm?
If you're open to taking a risk, challenging conventions, and giving an aspiring copywriter an opportunity to share your story, then I'm prepared to get started. Contact me today and let's transform your startup's ideas into impactful words that leave a lasting impression on your audience. The dare is set, are you up for the challenge? 

But don't go yet. I have some gifts in store for you, if you like. 

I can do these for FREE, yes, you heard that right, I'm giving these away for free. 

1. Startup Story Consultation: 
Let's kick-start your venture by undersUpgrade to see actual infoding your startup's Upgrade to see actual info this free consultation, we'll discuss your brand, values, and target audience to lay the foundation for captivating storytelling.

2. Blog Topic Brainstorming:
Need blog ideas that resonate with your audience? I'll generate a list of potential blog topics tailored to your industry and target market, igniting your content Upgrade to see actual infoendar.
I may be new to the copywriting world, but I'm not new to sharing these with you, if you're willing to take in someone like me. 

Thank you for taking the time to read what I can offer you, and you had the patience to reach the end of my profile. I just need one more client to work with at this point, just so I could focus my time on your needs. 

Don't worry. I will let you know if I could make room to accommodate everyone.  

Have a Purrrfect and Paw-some day!  

Top Skills

Marketing » Copywriting

Experience: Less than 6 months

I made Facebook posts for our burger business page. It was fun being the photographer, graphics artist and copywriter rolled into one.

Marketing » Content Creation » Creative Writing

Experience: 6 months - 1 year

A virtual assistant friend asked me to write for her for six months way back in 2017. She would just send me an inspiration article and I would do some research on my own and add to the inspiration article and come up with my own article.

Marketing » Content Creation » Article Writing

Experience: Less than 6 months

I can repurpose your articles. I will add a touch of my own research and give life to your article.

Other Skills

Marketing » Content Creation » Infographics

Experience: Less than 6 months

I used to make our own posters on Facebook for our burger brand. That lasted for at least 6 months. You can check out what I've done, just let me know.

Basic Information

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Quezon City, National Capital Region
Tests Taken
Dominance: 40%
Influence: 8%
Steadiness: 25%
Compliance: 27%
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