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Looking for part-time work (5 hours/day)

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Bachelors degree

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May 23rd, 2020

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I am one stubborn man. I also tend to look for the path of least resistance because I’m lazy. There, I said it.

At this point, I’m probably ruining my chances of you working with me.

Well, let me take a step back and I apologize for coming on too strong with what I said.

Hi, I’m Upgrade to see actual info. A funnel copywriter and Klaviyo Email Marketer with a thorough background in designing landing pages in the eCommerce industry. I can still help you if you’re in another industry.

If you need<8efe80624d780eba0c6493ec45140364>Facebook ads
Google AdWords
Sales letters
Sales pages<8efe80624d780eba0c6493ec45140364>Email autoresponders
SEO Articles
Opt-in pages

It’s time to stop browsing for other copywriters’ profiles for just a minute because I might be the best fit to help you increase conversion.

What I’m trying to say earlier is that I’m stubborn to a certain degree because I will do whatever it takes to give your business the conversion it deserves.

Why? Because that’s one of my goals. Providing A+ service to my clients while honing my skills.

One more thing that’s unique about me is that I don’t like to complicate things. 
If I can formulate a winning strategy with the least resistance, I will do that.

I mean, running a business is no joke. I understand how hard it is for business owners like you to be juggling multiple things at the same time. 

That's why I’d rather man the fort for you so you can focus on what matters most to your business—scaling.

Look, I’m no typical funnel copywriter and email marketer. I know how to design winning landing pages. 


I’ve hired mentors that taught me all I needed to know about conversion design, email marketing, and effective direct response funnel copywriting
I optimized multiple eCommerce stores to unearth hidden profits from their websites.
I’ve worked with a wide range of industries. Fitness, jewelry, luxurious bags, accessories, food, and beverage.
I’ve invested a hefty sum for a 1-on-1 mentorship program and consumed courses worth $4,500+ like a hungry sumo wrestler in a buffet just to get to where I am now

Why am I telling you all of this? 

Because I’m dead serious about bringing top-notch results to my clients while ensuring I have what it takes to stand out in the free market space.

And if you’re serious about making more money for your business while maintaining quality service to your market, it only makes sense to book a call with me.

...because I only work with serious business owners that don’t produce half-baked results.

Here’s my Skype ID if you want to hop on a call with me: Upgrade to see actual info.Upgrade to see actual info

And a link to my portfolio to prove to you that I’m the real deal:

Upgrade to see actual info

Let’s get the ball rolling, yes?

Speak to you soon!
Upgrade to see actual info

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