Assistant Property Manager/Engineer/Architect

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Full Time






May 26, 2023


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Applicants who want a great job will read below..

Welcome! This is a great role for you if you are looking to be part of a team, solve challenging real problems for people and make some good money. Property Management is fifty percent operations and project management. As such, this is a critical role for our firm. A successful candidate will enjoy both problem solving and interacting with clients. Your ability to communicate and make clients and vendors feel good about getting jobs accomplished is essential. This is a full time position. We would like someone who will work fulltime and be available remotely when emergencies occasionally arise. Real Estate experience is preferred. Experience with Appfolio is a HUGE plus!

Handling multiple projects for our firm, our clients, and our properties is crucial for our team. Project management- from managing changing a light bulb to lease negotiations to replacing an entire elevator- revolves around problem solving. The position involves interfacing with clients, vendors, superintendents, insurance brokers, etc.

* Communicating via email, verbally, and via Trello and Appfolio
* Maintaining records of tenants and vendors
* Tracking and directing projects
* Inspect general conditions at buildings
* Scheduling maintenance appointments at buildings
* Requesting proposals and bids from vendors
* Coordinating vendors at a wide range of properties
* Managing porters/janitors schedules and responsibilities
* Making clients feel happy and important

* Customer service orientation
* Great time management skills
* Ability to write and respond to emails with proper English
* Familiarity with buildings systems also a plus
* Familiarity with and a passion for real estate
* Ability to track multiple projects and multi-task
* Great (over)communication skills
* Strong problem solving nature
* Good, optimistic attitude
* Intelligent

If you like real estate, have experience with real estate and also property management software (hopefully Appfolio), then please apply with the subject "Assistant Property ManagEr 2023". That’s one way to show that you’ve read this far!

The role truly requires attention to detail.


To be considered for the role:
*Please be CERTAIN to supply your typed DISC Numeric scores (not a link to a page/report, not descriptions, yes numbers). If you don't know your numbers then Upgrade to see actual info or Upgrade to see actual info offers it for free. You can take it wherever you like but many sites tell you a Type instead of a Score. You’d be surprised at how many people ignore the Upgrade to see actual infot yourself apart by typing your DISC Scores along with your reasons why you are a great fit for the role.

We have a multi-step hiring process.
* Email correspondence
* Trial Assignment
* Interview(s)
* Reference Check with your former supervisors
* Hire

This will be during NY hours.

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