Senior Remote Developer (Node.js / Typescript / Python)

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Full Time


225 - 250,000 php/m




May 16, 2023


**Job Title: Senior Remote Developer (Node.js / Python) - Philippines Based**

We are on the hunt for an experienced, highly skilled, and reliable Senior Developer, who has an in-depth understanding of Node.js and Python. The successful candidate will be a self-motivated individual, proficient in collaborative environments, and comfortable using communication tools such as Slack and Zoom.

Your primary responsibilities will include developing and maintaining a variety of projects, primarily using Node.js and Angular, with occasional React-based tasks. Proficiency in TypeScript is a must-have, as JavaScript-related tasks will be a substantial part of your role. Python will be utilized for crafting serverless functions, data scripting, and other tasks Python is adept at.

Furthermore, you'll be expected to work with Express.js, handle authentication processes, craft APIs, utilize Postman for API development, adhere to Agile practices, and work with databases such as PostgreSQL and Redis. Familiarity with the AWS stack, S3, and blob storage is also a requirement for this role.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Develop robust applications using Node.js, Angular, and occasionally React.
2. Utilize Python for serverless functions and data scripting.
3. Implement Express.js for application development and manage authentication processes.
4. Develop APIs and use Postman for testing and debugging.
5. Adhere to Agile methodologies for efficient project management.
6. Work with PostgreSQL and Redis databases, and manage data storage with AWS S3 and blob storage.
7. Communicate effectively with teaUpgrade to see actual infombers and clients via Slack and Zoom.
8. Apply deep thinking and problem-solving skills to address complex challenges.
9. Collaborate with fellow developers, demonstrating a willingness to seek and offer help when needed.

Key Requirements:

1. Proven experience as a senior developer, with a strong background in Node.js, Python, TypeScript, and Express.js.
2. Proficient in creating APIs and using Postman.
3. Experience with Agile practices, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS stack, and data storage services like AWS S3 and blob storage.
4. Comfortable with real-time communication tools like Slack and Zoom.
5. Strong written communication and interpersonal skills.
6. A knack for deep thinking and quick problem-solving.
7. Reliable and high-speed internet connection.
8. Ability to work during hours that overlap with USA Central Time (at least 1-2 hours per day).

At our company, we believe in fostering growth and filling knowledge gaps. That's why we offer paid training via Frontend Masters. This opportunity allows you to identify potential areas of learning and growth, ultimately ensuring that your time with us is not only productive but also enriching. After a stint with us, you can expect to have broadened your expertise, becoming proficient in many new areas.

This role requires trustworthiness, dedication, and commitment. If you are an experienced developer looking for a challenging role where your skills will be put to the test, apply today and join our team of experts in delivering top-notch digital solutions.


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